Friday Favorite: Keurig

I am not a major coffee drinker. Tom, on the other hand, could hook up a coffee pot to an IV line and happily infuse himself with the stuff 24 hours a day.

When we got engaged one of the few things that Tom seriously cared about picking out for our registry was a coffee maker. We registered for one that had a coffee bean grinder in it, so it could do everything in one machine.

I still remember the couple’s shower where he opened that. The heavens beamed a light through the roof of the house and onto his smiling face, while the angels burst into a round of the Hallelujah Chorus.

For two years, that coffee pot served us well. And by “us” I mean Tom. Because even if I made myself a cup of coffee, I would only drink about half of it. (Actually, that’s a weird thing I do with water too.) But after two years (and a few months), we needed a replacement.

Over those years, though, the “coffee station” in our kitchen became a source of constant frustration for me. This was mostly because it should have had a sign like this hanging in front of it:


Tom would dump the coffee grinds out in the sink, and they wouldn’t all go down, so I would always see grimy black junk all over the sides of the sink, the dishes I hadn’t gotten to yet, and the counters. Ick.

Then there was the coffee pot itself. It looked nasty. It was so stained looking, that it started to be opaque. I kept asking Tom why it was stained like that, and he said he wasn’t sure. Well, when we finally replaced it, I found out.

He never washed the thing. I never did because every time I wanted to, there was coffee in it, and he was going to drink it. Therein lay the problem. You see, he drinks so much coffee, that he never had time to wash the coffee pot. And it just got layer after layer of coffee building up on it. Double Ick.

When I washed it (finally) before putting it away, it came out of the dishwasher clear, the way glass should be. I was amazed. Then grossed out. Because I also had to tackle the coffee maker, and I couldn’t put it in the dishwasher. I did the best I could. That’s all I will say about that.

So. The replacement. Everywhere we turned, it seemed that people we knew were using Keurigs. And Tom LOVED them. Even I liked them, because they make a single cup of coffee, and it’s premeasured, so I can’t mess it up. In case you haven’t used one before, this is what ours looks like:


And if you want to fill a taller cup, you just slide out the little stand:


I got both of those photos off of the Keurig site. They have a TON of brewers, and you can see them all online. I love the variety, because you can pick something that suits your needs and your price range.

Anyway, what you do is you lift the little handle (right under where it says “Keurig” on the machine), and it opens that section. You put in something called a K-Cup, which is a plastic cup with a measured amount of coffee, tea, or cocoa powder inside it.


Then you close the Keurig again. Assuming you have a cup in place and water in the tank on the side, that’s all you have to do before pressing the button to start brewing. Easy, no?

For people who have a special kind of coffee or tea they like best, there are 233 different kinds of K-Cups to choose from (to date), so you are most likely going to find something you like, maybe even the same thing you already drink. On their site, Keurig has a list of all the K-Cups.

And you can search for the right kind for you by a variety of means, including brand, popularity, consumer ratings, amount of caffeine, type (bold, flavored, fair trade, etc.), roast, blend (for tea drinkers: black, chai, green, etc.), box count (how many K-Cups per box), cup size (regular versus travel mugs), and even cocoa flavor (milk or white chocolate). If you click on any K-Cup listed, it will give you all of that information for that particular one. Trust me, you are bound to find something you like.

One nice thing is that you don’t have to buy any of these products through their site. I buy Tom’s K-Cups at Sam’s in an 80-Count box.


He got his Keurig as a Christmas present, and his mom found it at Bed, Bath, and Beyond and used a store coupon to score major savings. They’re carried all over the place, so you most likely can find it either on sale or with a coupon somewhere.

But the best part, for me? It’s that it is SO CLEAN in his little coffee station now. There’s a bowl holding several K-cups, and there’s a small, sealed container with sugar in it. They flank the Keurig, and after I implemented the “no spoons left out after stirring the sugar and creamer” policy to save my counters from constant stickiness (and dirtiness), I can honestly say it has made ALL the difference.

No coffee grinds. No spills from pouring the coffee. No messy filters. Nothing but an organized coffee station. (Those of you who have read about my organizational…umm..challenges…may be surprised, but the kitchen is my domain, and I like it neat.)

So, if you have a Keurig, do you like it? Love it? Miss your old coffee maker? For those who have a regular coffee maker, would you consider making the switch? If the answer is no, why not?


24 thoughts on “Friday Favorite: Keurig”

    1. Yeah, Tom missed the freshly ground beans when our coffee maker started to get all messed up, forcing him to switch to pre-ground. But since he got used to that, I think the Keurig has been fine for him. Then there’s me, who couldn’t tell you anything about coffee other than that I want it with so much sugar and flavored creamer that it doesn’t really matter how it got made. haha

    1. Where do you get it? Tom is getting tired of the ones I’ve bought because they are one of only two types that Sam’s carries. The bigger boxes are more cost-effective for us.

      1. Amazon has decent prices. (As long as you are buying enough to not pay shipping or have a Prime membership). Bed, Bath and Beyond is ok if you have the 20% off coupon. I have tried Khols. If you go when they are having a cash back and then go back again with the cash back and buy more, it is a pretty good price.

        There are a few on Amazon that have the subscribe and save (you sign up how often they send it to you and they automatically send you more). That is 15% off. But I have not heard good things about several of the brands that do the subscribe and save thing. So I have not tried that yet.

        (By the way, the subscribe and save is the best price for diapers I have seen.)

  1. My extended family has been switching. And I bought one two weeks ago. The convenience and clean up are the major features. Honestly, other than the initial cost, I don’t think that the cost is much different.

    But the tendency is for a relatively weak cup. So you have to look for the ‘extra bold’ k-cups. Which are not bold coffee, but more coffee in each k-cup.

    I would like an easier way to use fresh ground with it as an extra. But on the whole I am pretty happy with it.

    1. Tom got one of these for Christmas as well as the Keurig. He tried it out, and it leaked coffee grinds into his coffee, which is why I didn’t mention it in the post. I would have thought he got a bad one, except that Austin (Will’s dad) has one too, and he had the same complaint. But Ben (Asher’s dad) has one and has been able to use his own coffee with no complaints. So it may be worth a try if you have your own grinds that you prefer. And it could save some major moohlah on the k-cup buying.

      1. I have the thing for your own grounds. If you tamp the grounds fairly well and make sure the top is screwed on, then it does not leak grounds. There is another one that is supposed to be better. But it half defeats the purpose if you still have to clean up the grounds.

  2. I love coffee too and have been thinking about putting one of these in a corner of my kitchen somewhere. I’m also partial to some freshly ground coffee now and then so I think I’d buy something like this so I could do that sometimes. πŸ™‚

    I’m just going to wait until J gets enough hints and I find it shipped to my door one day. hahaha.

    1. Yeah, I just commented to Adam (right above your comment) about that reusable one. It’s worth trying out!! You crack me up. I’m guessing that J is a generous boyfriend if you find those kinds of surprises waiting on your doorstep for no reason other than you hinted. Can you also hint that you want a new dishwasher and tell him to ship it to my house? πŸ˜‰

      1. Yes he definitely is generous and very in tune to what I’m interested in. Which I love. πŸ™‚

        Dishwashers… I haven’t met one I liked. πŸ˜‰

  3. It seemed to get very expensive for the kcups. we bought the “My Kcup” add on and buy the coffee grounds now. It requires a little more work but it saves money.

    1. Popular topic in the comments today! I should have mentioned our use of the My KCup in the review. How does yours do? Does it leak coffee grinds the way ours did?

  4. I don’t think it would be cost efficient for us. We love the fresh ground beans. It just smells so good in the morning. Plus when we lead life group on Fridays, I just make a big pot of coffee for everyone. I just couldn’t see me brewing 12 single cups of coffee for everyone, which means that I would have to have two coffee makers on hand. The Keurig for us and the regular coffee maker for company. I love coffee, but unfortunately it hasn’t loved me back. My stomach cannot handle it anymore, but I love green tea. Drink it all the time, and I need that to steep properly or it just doesn’t taste right to me. The Keurig reminds me of instant coffee. Friends of ours have one and I wasn’t too impressed with it. I guess it’s different for everyone.

    1. Yeah, to each their own! We don’t buy the tea KCups, so I usually just make my own. We did keep our coffee maker though, for when we have a lot of company. It’s not really in the way because we had space for it in the cabinet under our Keurig, but then, we don’t have kids yet, causing us to need every spare inch of storage for their additional things. As for cost efficiency, I definitely think the KCups aren’t cheap, but buying them in bulk helps with the cost of that.

  5. I LOVE my Keurig!!! I’ve had it for a couple years and don’t know that I will ever go back. I get my K-cups through BJ’s, Amazon, and Bed, Bath and Beyond. There are tons of flavors (I’m a flavor girl)!! I love the no mess, no fuss. But, I also bought the filter so that I can use some ground coffee if I want to (cuz I really love Chocolate Velvet from Millstone). Tell Tom to enjoy his Keurig!

  6. Hi Meghan – there’s a flavor called Pumpkin Spice that I am addicted to. I think you can get it at Costco. If you like tea more than coffee, it actually tastes somewhere in between the two. A few of my clients have the machine at their office break room and I agree that it is fantastic.

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