Raegan at One Month

If you remember, about a month ago, Tom and I went to bring a meal to our friends Tara and Chris and meet their baby Raegan when they came home from the hospital. Tara and Chris are in our small group, and it’s been fun getting to know them better and seeing them become parents.

Last Friday, Tom and I went by their place for an hour or so to take some shots of Raegan at one month old. She was exhausted but refused to sleep for me. I got a few pictures where she was tired enough to close her eyes, but she was really fighting sleep.

That’s okay though- I got the chance to capture her pretty blue eyes!

Raegan’s middle name is Billie, after Tara’s grandfather, who has since passed away. He was so proud of this baby, and he and Tara’s grandmother had made this blanket and these booties for her, so these items are extra special to them all.

I just love her little feet.

And her sweet little face. She was trying to figure out what was going on when she heard my camera clicking.

I can’t decide if Raegan’s a mama’s girl or a daddy’s girl. I think it’s split right down the middle for now.

What a little doll!

Sweet little Raegan. Thanks for letting me come by and play with her, Chris and Tara!!


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  1. thank you for sharing. Isn’t the miracle of life a wonder this is a special gift that only God can make possiable then He let us share that gift with others.

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