Friday Favorite: Cherry Systems

Guess what these pictures have in common?

They all were residing on the hard drive that went kaput. So…how was I able to show them to you today? Here’s the story:

Those of you who regularly read my blog know that I’ve been having issues with my external hard drive. It began making weird noises, then it crashed. Then it revived itself. Then it SERIOUSLY crashed.

And I went into denial.

I could NOT accept that all of my pictures were just gone. Poof. Never to be seen again. I couldn’t accept that until every single avenue had been explored to save it.

Tom did everything that could be done at home, but it was soon apparent that professional services were necessary.

Enter Cherry Systems. Thank the Lord for Cherry Systems.

Tom took my mess of a hard drive to them, along with a brand new hard drive, and within a couple of weeks, they had recovered pretty much all of my photos except for Ella’s Party (which, thankfully, I had already given copies of to my sister and my mom). And all that they recovered was put onto the new hard drive and mailed to me.

I haven’t had the chance to see if anything else has been saved besides the photos, but honestly, we told them that the jpegs were the most important things to save. And that if only one type of file could be saved, it should be jpegs.

And I wish I knew exactly who at Cherry Systems worked on my hard drive because I would send them a batch of homemade cookies. I cannot sing their praises enough. Most people thought my hard drive was shot, and they brought it back from the brink of death. YAY!

If you ever need your hard drive fixed (or data recovered from anything really) , and you live in Atlanta, you have GOT to use them. Here’s why:

*They offered a better price than most places we looked at using.

*They will assess the situation for you and let you know if the data can even be recovered within 24 hours.

*If they do all they can and still cannot recover your data, you don’t pay anything.

*They keep your recovered data in their system for 14 days after shipping it to you (on the new hard drive you give them) in case something happens to the shipped data.

You have my word for it that this place is legit.


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    1. A neurosurgeon didn’t operate on my hand when I stabbed it either. An “arm, hand, and upper extremities” surgeon did. We all have our specialties. 😉

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