A SUNDAY post? I never post on the weekends! But I was going through some pictures from yesterday, and I just had to post one.


Jennifer and Justin Smith have a beautiful relationship. They glorify God with their life together, and their love is overflowing. And Tom and I are SO grateful for their friendship towards us. We just love spending time with them.

Even though I am a totally stressed out freak of nature when getting ready for a photo shoot, they voluntarily trekked along on the hunt for the right parking garage roof for me to use for a photo shoot next weekend. They posed for me, held reflectors and flash umbrellas, and Jennifer even climbed on top of a car (in a dress) for me to test out something I wanted to try.

They told jokes, had fun, and even laughed off my rude behavior when I was stressed out and might have yelled something like “I’m NOT. OH MY GOSH, y’all!” when they and Tom all begged me not to be a daredevil just to get the shot I wanted. (I’m not scared of heights, and I didn’t want to compromise my vision for this photoshoot. I know some of y’all get that, but heights are to Tom as sharks are to Meghan. We found a better solution in the end, so it’s all good.)

Anyway, the point is, I have been blessed with friends who know how to love me even when I’m being anything but beautiful. And that’s because their love for others (and each other) is straight from heaven. That’s beautiful to me.

And, okay, come on, let’s be honest. They’re also just a really good looking couple. No getting around that.


ps- Not to discount Tom’s role yesterday. I will eternally sing his praises as the most amazing, supportive, understanding, loving husband a girl could ask for. But that’s a whooooole other post. šŸ˜‰

2 thoughts on “Beautiful.”

  1. <3 flash umbrellas. I saw a really interesting one at my friend's wedding yesterday that I want to get my hands on. It was large and awesome and easily folded. The photographer left before I could ask her what she was using. :/ This was mostly because I was having too much fun dancing and didn't keep a tab on her.

    What brand of flash umbrellas did you go with?

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