Poop Ear

Last night, Tom and I had a delicious dinner (steak, baked potatoes, and yeast rolls, with sweet tea), then we went to Yogli Mogli to get some froyo for dessert. I love my husband, and I love food.

When we sat down to eat, I jumped back up and promptly began to dance and sing the “Steak Night” song from Scrubs.

It seemed both appropriate and necessary to indicate how excited I was about the evening (and the steak).

Later, when we were leaving Yogli Mogli, Tom got a text message from his brother, Ben. It said, “Happy Anniversary Poop Ear.”

One of the things I love about Tom and Ben’s relationship is that they are always coming up with fun alternatives for names for each other. Lana and I like to participate in that exercise as well. We’ve all come up with some good nicknames. I have to say, though, that “Poop Ear” is a new one.

Anyway, my response, after laughing, was to say, “I’ve got a poop ear.”

Tom looked totally freaked out. “What does that mean? Is something wrong with you?”

I was filled with glee at his unease.

“No,” I laughed, “It means that my ears are poopy because I’ve got all this junk in them from my allergies.”

“Oh. I was worried for a second there. Wasn’t sure I wanted to know,” Tom responded.

So, overall, I would say we had an extremely romantic evening for our anniversary.

Just in case you wondered.


4 thoughts on “Poop Ear”

    1. lol I just love being your friend. hahahaha Did we ever come up with code names for y’all? I think I called Jenn “Skinny Chipmunk” so we could be similar, haha. What did Tom call you?

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