Friday Favorite: Geeky Babies

Lately I have been on a kick about geeky clothing for babies. It’s probably got something to do with being married to Tech grad who does software engineering for a living.

I thought I would share a few.

All Your Base Bananas Are Belong To Us.



Blogging baby.


Blogged about baby. There will be so much truth behind that one that I think I might have to get it.

Beta testing.


How to make twins.


My dad is stronger smarter than your dad.


If you were only able to understand about half (or less) of those, then congratulations- you are not a total geek.

If you got most or all of them, well…congrats, you are either a geek or hang out with geeks enough to get their jokes.

Don’t be embarrassed.

I happen to like geeks.


(All clothing shown found at :, and

8 thoughts on “Friday Favorite: Geeky Babies”

  1. Nerdiness is so underrated. I made a Star Trek reference at work yesterday, and NO ONE got it. Tragic.
    In any case, I wanted to contribute to your collection, with some faves from one of the best websites out there!

    1. awesome. To be fair, I don’t know if I would get a Star Trek reference. But Star WARS? I’m on it like a polar bear on ice.

      Also not sure that “a polar bear on ice” is an expression at all, but it made sense to me. I’m starting things here. 😉

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