It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane…

This past weekend, some friends humored me by dressing up as super heroes and posing for my camera. But not your average DC Comics get ups. I was going for something much more subtle.

I wanted to do a photoshoot of what these vigilantes would look like as young 20-somethings while they weren’t performing their “civic duties” by fighting crime.

So basically, I assigned each friend a character, and I asked them to help me to interpret what it would look like if that person was so in touch with their “super” side that it naturally showed in their everyday wear.

They pulled through in a major way. It was so fun to see members of the Justice League of America in Atlanta.

Today, we’re looking at some of the leaders of the JLA: Superman, and                    Wonder Woman.

Clark Kent/Superman.


The Stats We Used For Inspiration:

-He wears glasses to cover his true identity (super alien), but he doesn’t really need glasses, so Tom and I figured that when he’s not in the company of the average citizen, Clark would take them off.

-He also works as a reporter. We picked a story about the FBI needing help, because we figure Clark would use the news to find out where to be of service as Superman (ya know, if there weren’t any cries of “Help!” within his superhuman hearing range).

-His super hero suit colors are Blue, Red, and Yellow.


Clark Kent steps out to look over the city, glasses removed and paper already read.

A famous guardian of his city and the world in general, he stands for “truth, justice, and the American way.”

But there’s a pretty equally amazing woman helping head up the Justice League.

Princess Diana/Wonder Woman.


The Stats We Used For Inspiration:

-Wonder Woman is a beautiful Amazon princess, so she had to be tall. She also tends to wear her long, dark hair curly and down.

-She has a few key things- a tiara she uses as a projectile weapon, a lasso of truth, and indestructible cuff bracelets. We went with accessories she would actually wear out and about, so the cuff bracelets were it. She also always wears boots.

-Her predominant colors are red,  blue, white, and gold.

No girl would just hang out in that getup, so we took it down a notch and opted for a flowing red dress.

So, there you have it- our take on Superman and Wonder Woman.  Check back tomorrow for more super heroes!!

And many thanks to all the awesome people who were involved. Including, of course, Tom (my hot Superman) and Megan (the gorgeous Wonder Woman). Y’all rock!


15 thoughts on “It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane…”

  1. LOVE. Oh and you really don’t have to post my pics at all this week. It’s totally ok. I mean you could just delete them if you wanted to :).

    1. Thanks! It was really fun doing it, mostly because all of them were really creative and embraced their roles. I can’t wait to show you the rest!

    1. Ha, not exactly what I was going for. But at least he’s not hanging off the buildings. lol If you look at the drawing of Superman I put on there then look at the ones of Tom, you can see why I wanted buildings in his shots.

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