Mistress of Magic

Today, we continue our trek through the Justice League. (See Superman and Wonder Woman here.) We’re focusing on one hero today:

Zatanna Zatara.



The Stats We Used For Inspiration:

-Zatanna is many things, but subtle isn’t one of them. She gives meaning to “hiding in plain sight.” You see, her super power is that she has true magical abilities. The “Book of Zatara” is a family book of magic she uses. But then her alias? It’s…a magician. She does slight of hand tricks and simple spells for “entertainment” (as her job) when not fighting crime.

-So that outfit? Yeah. She wears it all the time. And she doesn’t even use a “super hero” name to fight evil-doers. Just goes by Zatanna.

-Zatanna  has long, flowing dark hair. The person I picked is a blonde, but I felt it was more important that she have long hair than dark hair.

Mostly, I wanted her to come across as a sexy, somewhat mischievous magician.

I think Jenn totally nailed it. Thanks for being Zatanna for me, Jennifer! You’re awesome. =)


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