Hawkman and The Flash.

Welcome back! Today we will focus on two more super heroes from the JLA (Justice League of America): Hawkman and the Flash. (We’ve already seen Superman, Wonder Woman and Zatanna.)

Carter Hall/Hawkman.


The Stats We Used For Inspiration:

-Carter Hall is actually just the latest reincarnation of an Egyptian prince that was killed back in Ancient Egypt. He and a couple others had discovered a rare metal, called “Nth Metal” when an alien spaceship came to earth. He found it gave him the ability to fly and also strengthened his soul, allowing him and the woman he loved to remain “in the mortal plane” after death. After an evil priest murdered them, they were reincarnated over and over again, with their memories of past lives. He used the Nth metal to fight as Hawkman.

All of that to say, he was an Egyptian prince at some point. I didn’t want to “cast” someone blonde and fair skinned for the role, so Justin was a great choice.

-He’s Hawkman, therefore wings were kind of important.

-The mace, the lack of a shirt, and the metal criss-crossing his chest kind of drowned out the whole “subtle” thing I was going for. So we had to find other ways of showing who he was. The shirt with birds on it (though they are eagles) did that for us.

-His primary colors are green, gold, and red.



Bart Allen/The Flash.


The Stats We Used For Inspiration:

-The Flash has lightening-quick speed. He runs, runs, runs, and pretty much nothing and no one can catch him.

-Because he’s a runner, it’s not too out there to think he would wear athletic clothing to be more comfortable when running around not fighting crime. Ed and I also figured he’d be a good hurdler, like a lot of track runners are, only a bit more extreme….like cars that are coming at him.

-His main colors are red and gold.


Poor Ed had to jump about seven times before I was satisfied. And Justin trekked all over Atlanta with me until I found wings I liked. But in the end, I’m glad we did those shots because it was fun putting together images for both the Flash and for Hawkman. Thanks to both of you for making it happen!

Make sure you come back tomorrow. We’re gonna steam it up with some romantic interest between our next two vigilantes. Yowza.


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