JLA Out Takes.

When I was shooting the JLA the other day, we definitely got a few shots that were fun for me to come across later on my computer. Quite a few of my friends got the giggles when trying to produce a “serious” face for me.

Some of them were more than a little uncomfortable with the sun shining right into their eyes, but they looked in the direction I needed anyway.

And…uh..a few I thought looked cool, but then I was told they looked, well… “phallic.” Umm..not the look I was going for in my shoot.

And then there were just some silly shots. (And, oh yeah, Justin’s shirt was actually blue. Thank you, Photoshop. =) )

I always like seeing the “other side” of a photo shoot. It often shows the real story behind how the day went.


4 thoughts on “JLA Out Takes.”

  1. You are such a great photographer! I’m loving the one of Tom…very smooth except for the closed eyes 🙂 I’m sure it was a guy who said the pic was phallic….oh boys!

    1. haha, thanks!! It was DEFINITELY the boys saying it was phallic. ha Looking forward to seeing you this weekend! =)

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