Lisa’s Arm

My sister-in-law, Lisa, fell down last Wednesday around 2:30 pm and broke her arm. Thankfully, she and my brother, Jonathan moved from Augusta to Decatur last year, which basically means they were within “get here fast” driving range for me.

Lisa was trying to dig up this stump when I guess she hit a root, making it difficult to maintain balance on the shovel.

Since there was a bush behind her, when she tried to step off the shovel, she lost her balance and fell down here:

…onto these cement blocks.


She broke her right arm directly under her elbow, and she did some nasty stuff to her wrist too. As she lay there on the ground, she called Jonathan and then me to come help out. Jonathan was her ride to the hospital, and I was the relative in closest driving distance who could come take care of their four kids.

Because I’m such an excellent (not to mention professional) child-care provider, I allowed my nephew to get out of sight on a scooter- after he took off his helmet- and take a spill. I was so excited for Jonathan and Lisa to come home from the hospital so I could show them his face. Not.

Or his knee.

Or his elbows. Sigh.

I called my mom to tell her what happened to Lisa, and I lamented what happened to Tyler to her as well. She and I just had to laugh at how this could only happen with me around. She said I was “worth every penny.”

Have I ever mentioned the going rate for watching my nephew and nieces? I’ll give you a hint: It’s less than a penny. And my mom knows it. I had to laugh.

Lisa came home with Jonathan around 8:45pm, and I stayed until the next night. Even though Lisa is not a complainer at all, I knew she was feeling the pain because she mostly wanted to lie down. Usually all she does is move around, doing things. She was never alone, though, even watching a movie and resting.

Since then, Lisa has had a rotating door of helpers including a neighbor, my mom, her mom and dad, and one of her best friends from college.

In order for us to help out a little more, Tom and I offered to take Tyler and Madeline home with us on Sunday after we had spent the morning and part of the afternoon helping out while Jonathan was on call.

They stayed with us until around 9pm Monday night, when Jonathan picked them up. But their visit deserves its own post.


6 thoughts on “Lisa’s Arm”

  1. Oh wow! I feel so sorry for Lisa. It’s not fun breaking your arm when your a kid but I can imagine with four children to tend to. I can easily see how it happened as well. I’ve spent the last two days doing some back breaking yard work and it’s amazing I haven’t hurt myself worse!

    1. I know!! I joked that she was doing “extreme gardening.” But really, it is back-breaking work! Poor thing, it’s tough not being able to do stuff for yourself, but with 4 other people who depend on you, that’s extra hard.

    1. You’re welcome. =) She has a new brace now that’s velcro-on, and she’s been told to move her broken arm around. Something about where she broke it requires her to move it or it won’t heal correctly. I’d never heard of that before. Of course, I’ve only broken one bone, and it wasn’t where she broke hers. Anyway, can’t wait to see y’all! I have a little basket of Easter goodies for you, James, and Ella!!

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