T-Man and Maddie Fae

Like I said, Tom and I took Tyler (almost 8 ) and Madeline (6) home with us on Sunday afternoon to alleviate some of the work of providing at Lisa and Jonathan’s house.

The plan was to keep them until Tuesday, but Jonathan ended up coming to get them on Monday night because Tom and I had to head out to Covington the next day and Lisa was ready to have all her babies together again.

During my time with them, I resorted to only taking pictures when I thought of it, and then only with my phone. It was a busy visit.

After we brought them home, they went to the dog park with us.

They were able to run around, and so were the dogs. Samantha even let Madeline walk her, which is pretty amazing because Sam is terrified of kids and usually just barks at them non-stop until we put her outside or upstairs where she feels they can’t get to her. The dogs do much better with kids outdoors.

When we got back from the park, we made pizza.  Madeline said, “Is this pizza going to be square?” To which I said, “No, it’ll be a rectangle.” I knew that wasn’t her point, but I couldn’t resist.

Anyway, they enjoyed the pizza despite it not being round. While it baked, the kids got showers, then we all watched Tangled as we ate. I have now seen it three times. LOVE that movie.

The next morning, after breakfast, changing clothes, and brushing teeth, we took off for the Suwanee Town Center. The kiddos had the fountains all to themselves for most of the time we were there. We also had a picnic lunch while they sun-dried.

After that, we went across the street to Yogli Mogli so they could change into normal clothes and also get some yogurt. Tyler said, “Hey, this is actually a nice place!” when we went inside. I’m not sure exactly what kind of place he expected me to take them to, but I’m glad this passed inspection.

The yogurt was eaten in the car, because we needed to head out to pick up Will from Mother’s Morning Out.

Will was delighted to see some big kids had joined me for the day. He loves to play with other kids, and he spent pretty much the entire ride to Flowery Branch just staring at them and smiling. It was so cute.

After that I didn’t take any more pictures, but we kept busy. We played at Will’s house, went to Target, came back and ate dinner, they had bubble baths, watched Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland, and then Jonathan picked them up.

I know one thing- if you don’t have toys and books for kids at your house, you have to make much more effort to keep them entertained. And even though it was fun, it was exhausting.

All the same, I think there are plenty of sleepovers for nephews and nieces in our future! And maybe also a trip to get some discounted books and toys.


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