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If you have ever had a pet, or more than one pet at a time, you know how quickly it gets old having to open the door for them all the time so they can go out or come inside.

When Tom and I lived in an apartment, we used to have to leash our dogs and go outside with them every single time they asked to go out. Because they were puppies, we took them out pretty much whenever they asked in case they had to potty. (I couldn’t resist sharing a puppy picture. Look at those bellies bloated with food!)

But we couldn’t WAIT for the day that we had a fenced in backyard. In fact, when we bought our house, we fenced in the backyard before we thought of anything else- paint, a fridge, a lawnmower, anything.

“It will be SO nice not having to go out with them every time that they have to use the bathroom or just want to be outside, ” we would say to each other. And it was.

But guess what’s not fun? Having to get up to open the door five times during a meal. Or a tv show. Or in the bathroom (they just get ignored then).

Or when they whine at you to finish your workout so you can go let them out.

Or when they wake you up on a Saturday at 7AM so that they can pee.

Or when Liam feels the need to check on every family member every 5 minutes, even though we are inside and Samantha is asleep in the yard, creating a constant loop of door opening, shutting, whining, barking, opening, shutting…

Oh look! Here they are below. With Liam barking to come in. Have you noticed how dirty doors get with little wet noses rubbed on them throughout the day?

We could handle it. We did handle it. For two years, we have lived in our house and dealt with it.

But in December, Tom began to work for himself.

At home.

And the constant need to get up and let the dogs in or out of the backyard was interrupting his work. So, with much rejoicing on the inside (for me, anyway), we decided to get a pet door. I began looking at all kinds of sites online about it, but in the end, I picked a door from Lowes.


When I saw that door, it was like the heavens had parted and shown a light upon me. It answered every need and desire we had for our back door. See, for a year now, Tom and I have been talking about getting a screen door added to our backyard entrance because we love to leave the door open but hate for bugs to come in.

We have also been talking for a long time about needing a doggy door.

So we did neither.

The door we got is a storm door, so it’s sturdy, and because of the windows in our regular back door, this door is supposed to make our backyard entrance 40% more energy efficient.

The window in this storm door also can go up in the middle, where there is a screen. And it has a doggy door built in. YES!

I found it yesterday, and we went out to get it the same day.

It took us a few hours to assemble everything and get it hung on the door frame. Hanging doors is about as fun as hanging curtains. And by that I mean annoying, tedious work and no fun at all.

But we did it. This next picture is overblown; it’s not quite so blindingly white in reality.

We started to train them with it right away. Liam loved it.

Sam wasn’t quite so sure she wanted to stick her face against that flap, but eventually she was running indoors and outside right along with Liam. Sometimes they would run in and out at the same time. Can you believe they could both fit through that together?

And this morning, right before I left for work, I caught Sammy heading into the backyard all on her own. Despite the nasty weather. It made me smile.

Tom and I high-fived.

I have a feeling this is going to be one of our favorite purchases for the house.


8 thoughts on “Doggy Door”

  1. I totally feel your pain! Sometimes Lilly will scratch and then when I open the door, run away…little stinker is just teasing me! My other problem is that I’m OCD about wiping her paws off after she comes inside, so I don’t get paw prints everywhere. Still, se have one of the most disgusting doors you’ve ever seen from all her scratching…..yet i’m lazy about cleaning it cause I just think it will be back as it was in no time at all!!!!!!

    1. I wish I was better about that (wiping paws), but I hate having to do that every time, so I don’t unless they are REALLY muddy. I’m lucky though because my dogs tend to clean their own paws and bodies like a cat. Our door is SO nasty from them scratching. And they do the same thing as Lilly when they want me to come outside. I open the door and they run off or whine.

    1. It’s something we could take with us, but I doubt we would. We’d probably leave it because we had to drill holes into the door frame to install the door. After we’ve lived here another 10 years, I think I’d probably want to get a new door for a new house anyway.

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