Charlotte’s Baptism

On Easter Sunday, Esther and Ben were in Covington, Georgia to have Charlotte baptized. It was a really special thing seeing them commit to raise their daughter in a godly way as they stood in the little church where Esther (and I) grew up.

It was so meaningful to see this take place on Easter Sunday, too.

After the baptism, the grandfathers prayed for Charlotte, Ben and Esther. I doubt there was a dry eye in the place.

And after that, the elders of the church, plus all the grandfathers and great-grandfathers, went up and laid hands on them to pray for Charlotte’s health and strength for their family.

I thought it would be irreverent to snap a photo during the prayer, but as soon as they said, “Amen,” I clicked.  I love the picture. Their family, surrounded by men of God, praying for them, and Esther and Charlotte, with her wild, wet hair, are in a tug-of-war over Esther’s necklace. Which kept Charlotte quiet and happy during the entire thing, by the way. So true-to-life.

Then, after the service we snapped lots of shots of the family. There were a lot of people there to support them!

Although, Charlotte and Lia were stealing the show from the rest of the family members. These cousins are going to love growing up together.

Such a sweet day.


8 thoughts on “Charlotte’s Baptism”

  1. Meghan, thank you so much for snapping some photos for us, and I’m happy you could celebrate Charlotte’s baptism with us. You did a wonderful job with the pictures.

    1. Of course! I was honored to be asked. I’m going to get y’all a dvd soon with all the photos on it. =)

  2. one of the most precious days i can remember. thank you to the little family for all your hospitaility, thank you to your church, pastor rob, the elders. what a humble moment to hear the prayers of the elders. what a blessing to be among God’s people and hear them intercede on behalf of these families. God is good, he is faithful and the righteous shall stand with “him” in heavenly places. please continue to pray for charlotte.
    thanks to all and god bless.

    mike and mary bratton

    1. We will continue praying for her, and for all her family and friends as she grows to continue loving and supporting her. She is just such a wonderful, precious gift. I was so glad to be there for her baptism!

  3. Meghan, how can I thank you enough?! I started crying all over again as I read your post. It was so special to have so many family and friends there to support us. And I am constantly in awe of the compassion and prayers on our behalf as we navigate through the trials of SB. Thank you so much, Meghan for helping us capture such special moments! I really don’t think I’d have survived this past year without the body of Christ.

    1. You’re welcome, and thanks for thinking of me!! It was really special to be there. She is an absolute doll. Love that angelic face! =) You are such a great mom, and you and Ben are both such an example to me. xoxo

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