Lia 6 Month Portraits

Lia has certainly changed a lot since I met her at 5 days old. Back then she was teeny-weeny and sleepy, like most newborns.

She’s now 6 months old, has gorgeous, multi-colored eyes, and has a totally delightful personality. She just smiles and laughs constantly. I adored photographing her.

Did I mention that she’s teething? Well. She’s teething. Didn’t affect her attitude any. Amazing.

So fun.


4 thoughts on “Lia 6 Month Portraits”

  1. The one of her eating the tutu looks AWESOME in b/w! They all look awesome! Thanks again for driving all the way out here! The photos really capture her personality perfectly, which I never really anticipated we’d be able to do if I went to a portrait studio. Hopefully you’ll be available some time around her 1 year to snap some updates! 🙂 Love them!!

    1. Thank you! OF COURSE I want to do her 1 year portraits! I can hardly wait! She was just too fun to work with. Such a happy little girl. =)

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