Bathroom Reorganization.

We have established that organization does not come easily to me. I tend to allow spaces get cluttered. Then I get overwhelmed by the clutter. Then I avoid the clutter.

If I’m that way with a desk, can you begin to imagine how messy it gets in our bathroom?

Let me paint you a mental picture (and just so you don’t have to try too hard, I’ll include pictures too):

In the cabinets and the drawers, everything gets jumbled, messy, and hard to navigate. There’s nowhere convenient to keep all the things that we need to use on a regular basis. So ALL of that junk ends up on the countertops.

Now, when the bathroom needs to be cleaned, I have to haul ALL of that stuff off the counters, wipe all of that stuff down, clean the counters and mirror, and try to put it back in a way that doesn’t look messy.

This is annoying and time consuming…so that means I don’t do it nearly as often as I should. (I’m also just noticing there is a fork on the counter. Why was there a fork in our bathroom?)

In an attempt to corral the clutter, I ended up getting a basket for the countertop, which eventually became another jumbled mess of a catch-all.

(And, I’m embarrassed to admit, this is really what our bathroom looked like. I didn’t haul more stuff onto the countertop just to make people who clean obsessively (or even normally compared to me) have a nervous breakdown.)

Then there’s the floor.

I am the queen of procrastination, which means that every time we go on a trip or I have to buy toiletries or get free medicine from dad (score!), I take ages to unpack.

Turns out, that’s because it means bringing some of the clutter back into the bathroom. And I don’t enjoy putting more things back on the counters. Or under them.

And while we’re on the floors, did you notice the towels? There was a basket that once held a neat pile of towels. It had become a mountainous heap of them. It didn’t look nice.

What’s with the humidifier? Simply put, it’s a pain to clean. And I get sick a lot. So I have one. And it ends up in the bathroom for cleaning…which never happens. Then I get sick again.

Okay. Now, I know that was horrifying, and some of you are quietly sobbing and wondering if there is any way you can remove those visions from your memory forever. Try not to judge me too harshly.

For some reason I get kicks out of showing you, online, the messiest places in my house, although in reality, I wouldn’t let anyone but Tom within 10 feet of that bathroom when it looked like that.

And redemption is coming.

First, I pulled EVERYTHING out of the cabinets and drawers, and off the countertops, and I threw away anything that was no longer good, no longer useful, or no longer in use (but still wasn’t something someone would want us to give away).

Then I cleaned baby. I cleaned it ALL. I sprayed and wiped down the insides of the cabinets and drawers. Cleaned the counters. Cleaned the mirror. Cleaned the shower, the tub, the toilet, the floors.

Then I used some containers I had bought for organizing that space, and I put everything we were keeping back in a way that made sense for us.

We have candles on the windowsill above the tub. Which would explain the (seemingly random) lighter in the drawer closest to the tub. I like a relaxing bath every now and then.

Also, like how I have 3 inhalers in that drawer? And none of them is my fave brand (ProAir) because those are in my purse usually. Seriously? Could I be any nerdier? But I like having a designated place that Tom and I know holds my inhalers for when I have an asthma attack.

And the countertops?

I bought a new space organizer that has designated areas in it. That way, I can’t be putting too much stuff in it. Tom has a section, I have a section, our flossers have a section, and the big section has my glasses, our toothpaste, and one additional item for each of us.

Other than that, we have our toothbrushes, face washes, soap, and q-tips/cotton pads on the counters. That is it.

I have got to get us more grown up soap dispensers now.

My mom gave us those, and she meant for us to use them for mustard and ketchup when we had friends over for UGA/GT games. Such a cute idea. But I was a cheapy and didn’t want to buy more soap dispensers when we got married, so we used them in the bathroom instead.

OH! The towels! Don’t forget the towels.

I took them ALL out of there, and I put 3 back. They sit on a chair, which conveniently blocks the view of the trashcan. Tom was glad to get that out from under his sink.

I have plans to paint that chair, and I can’t wait! It will look so much cuter.

I also meant to hang towels from the bar over the tub, but I completely forgot to do that before taking pictures. Oh well. Picture it with big, fluffy towels hanging side by side. There, isn’t that nice?

And just in case you wondered what was where, I’ll show you (click to enlarge):

So there you have it. I cleaned and organized our bathroom into a space that’s actually liveable, functional, and enjoyable.


And yes, I have been able to keep it that way. I even clean it once a week now that it only takes me a few seconds to get everything off the counter and then back onto it again.

I’m loving it. And I know for a fact that my super-organized husband is loving it. I did it as a surprise for him in addition to the fact that it just needed to be done.

Let me tell ya, he was surprised. And every night for a week I would hear him in there getting ready for bed saying, “It just makes so much sense!” to himself. hahahaha Makes me smile.


16 thoughts on “Bathroom Reorganization.”

  1. OMG! Your bathroom befoe so totally looked like ours,lol. Your not the only one! Although I will admit that having 4 boys in my house usually contributes o the clutter! Good luck keeping it neat and tidy!

  2. You know the “before” pictures made my heart stop! 🙂 But you did a great job with it all! Looks great 🙂

    1. I thought of you SO much as I went through the process of buying things to organize it, cleaning the bathroom, and even writing the post. haha I knew you would HATE my before pictures. But I thought you’d find the clean-up gratifying. ha 😉

  3. I literally breathed a sigh of relief when I saw how organized you made evrything! I think I almost had a panic attack at the before pictures! haha! But….it looks soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good! I am proud of you!!!! :))))

    1. I know, I look at it before and think, “people are going to think my whole house is just squalor,” but I’m always trying to be real about stuff on my blog- good, bad, or ugly! haha Thanks!!

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