Supporting Them…Outside of Church

I love my Transit girls.

And I can hardly believe that they are about to finish the school year. One week from tomorrow, all of them will officially be done with school and ready for the summer.


I know you might be wondering why I am excited about that. Mostly, I am thinking that we will all have more chances to get together for socials each month. Pool parties, movies, etc. So fun!!

But in the meantime, Janet, my co-leader, and I have been making the rounds to the end-of-school-year events.

I had to miss a performance of Alice In Wonderland that three of our girls were in, but Janet made it. And she had to miss a band performance and a gymnastics tournament, but I made it.

Here is Katie! She plays oboe in the band at school. She’s going to be in the 7th Grade Honors Band next year!!

She had a lot of friends and family there, and I brought flowers from me and Janet.

I was really impressed. I was worried of what kind of torture I would be sitting through with a 6th grade band, but she and her bandmates were great!! Proud of her.

Anna is our gymnastics girl. I caught this video of her tumbling pass on my phone.


She nailed it!! She got second place for that pass.

And then she won first in trampolines, but I didn’t get a video of that because I had to go to Covington and had to miss it. (boo, me.) I saw a video, though, and it was insane. SO proud of her!!

I love seeing them support each other. This Sunday, one of our girls, Kendyl, is getting baptized in Transit. We’re making signs and noisemakers to celebrate this step in her faith. Awesome.

Like I said- love these girls!

3 thoughts on “Supporting Them…Outside of Church”

  1. Proud of you for making a difference in the lives of these young girls. I pray that my Ally will find that kind of support from someone in our youth ministry. She’s 13 now. They (Ally and our son Mike) were attending the youth group on Thursday, but Jay and I felt that all they were getting out of it was a night out with their friends. Not that they shouldn’t enjoy fellowship, but it didn’t seem like they were learning much. Now we send them to the teen small group on Saturday evenings.

    1. Thank you, Sylvia. I really love our church’s model for the youth ministries. I wish more churches did that. It would make it easier for people to know how to commit to supporting teens and pre-teens.

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