Rachel and Chris

A couple of weekends ago, I got together with Chris and Rachel to photograph their engagement session. What a beautiful couple. And sweet too.

Also, this location is hard to beat. It kind of has it all.

Yep. All of that- the gardens, the palms, the ranch, the lake, ALL of it- was one location. What sweet, generous homeowners the McFarlands are to let us borrow their property for the day. This is a tiny handful of the photos.

I’ve known Rachel since we were about seven or eight years old, and I really enjoyed capturing all these special memories for her and Chris. I had a lot of fun working with them, and I’m excited about their wedding in August!

Thanks for letting me help tell your story, you two!

19 thoughts on “Rachel and Chris”

    1. I actually offer free photos for servicemen and servicewomen who are either coming back from being deployed or about to be deployed. I’d be honored to do it on the house; it’s the least I can do to thank them for all they do for our country!

  1. OMG! beautiful photos!!! I didn’t know you were doing engagement photos now!! 🙂 and such a BEAUTIFUL couple! they are perfect together!!!

        1. Wait, whoa whoa whoa… You guys are engaged?

          Meghan you can’t get married to Alejandra. You already married Tom! I know this is a “modern world” and you’re a “modern girl”, but think of all the WordPress themes you’ll be missing out on.

          And besides, nobody likes Alejandra because she can’t make stew. What good is an Alejandra that can’t make stew?

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