Friday Favorite: Long Weekends!

Well, Memorial Weekend kicks into high gear tonight, and I am pumped. I have a busy, wonderful schedule ahead:

Friday– Tom and I will be catching up on all our shows. That means finally getting to watch NCIS’s last episode (we cancelled cable, and use Roku, but Hulu Plus doesn’t get NCIS). And then it means Big Bang Theory Marathon!!


We are so hooked. Everyone and their mom was telling us we would love it, and they were correct. (Sheldon is the funniest of them all, so far.) We have been getting the first season via Netflix, and I’ve never been able to get Tom to sit and watch tv so willingly before. LOVE BBT!

Saturday– In the morning, Tom and I are trekking to McDonough to check out Rachel and Chris‘s wedding venue. I’m excited to see where I’ll be shooting my first wedding!!

Then we return to Suwanee for lunch and probably some pool time. And playing with the dogs in the backyard. And time for reading for me and video games for Tom.


He works so hard these days, and he never makes time for fun things like that for himself anymore. I’m gonna make him.  And another datenight…Maybe we should use some of our freebies for the movies and see something in a theater. Yay!

Sunday– Sunday, we have no Transit, so I will most likely skip driving all the way to Alpharetta for church and instead catch a service online.

I will also be hittin’ up Stone Mountain with Tom and some of our besties, Justin and Jenn.


But before we leave, Jenn and I will be putting some pork in the Crockpot to make this when we get home:

(source, and recipe)

I am gonna crush that deliciousness. YUM. (I need to eat breakfast right now. So hungry.)

Then we will watch a movie, probably, and just hang out. And they’ll spend the night.

Monday– Actual Memorial Day. Pool time with J&J and Tom, and hopefully Jonathan, Lisa, and the fab. four (their many children) can join us! We’ll have sandwiches, chips, and watermelon there.

Later in the day, we and the Smiths will grill out (YUM, cheeseburgers) and might watch another movie. Or more BBT, Season 1. The Smiths are big fans of it too, and they’ve been telling us to watch it for…oh, about…forever.

So that’s my AWESOME Memorial Day weekend.

What do you have planned?


11 thoughts on “Friday Favorite: Long Weekends!”

  1. I totally love that show! I’ve been addicted to it ever since it came out. It reminds me so much of Tech it’s ridiculous. Some of those stereotypes are real! 🙂

    I don’t have anything planned for Memorial Day weekend. Probably just hang out with my family and eat a lot, haha.

  2. I am so stinkin’ glad y’all finally got to watch it! It’s my fav show of all time. Sooo funny!

    And yes, this weekend is gonna rock.

  3. Sounds like a great, relaxing weekend. Send us some of that gorgeous pool weather — although, I don’ t know anyone out here that has a pool :[

    Hopefully the rain will stay away and Davey and I can work on the Airstream all weekend. We also have some Groupon movie tickets we need to use — any movie suggestions? We saw the new Pirates movie last weekend and it was okay, but I could have saved money and waited for it to come out on DVD.

  4. YES, sounds like a perfectly relaxing weekend. You and I clearly have pools on the brain 🙂 🙂 And reading, of course!

    p.s. Anyone wanting to go see a movie with a group of girls… go see Bridesmaids!! Pretty vulgar, but insanely hilarious if you like Kristen Wiig from SNL 🙂

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