Thank You.

Tom and I had a great Memorial Day weekend with family and friends.

Last night, though, after the pool trips were over, and everyone was gone, I slipped outside to look at some fireworks going on in the distance.

And my thoughts turned to those who aren’t having fun with their loved ones this weekend, because they either gave their lives for this country or because they are still serving in the military.

I am so grateful. There are just not enough words.

And I’m not just grateful to them. I’m grateful to their families for giving so much up so that those they love can serve.

Thank you. Thank you so much.

Please know that there are so many people praying for you, grateful for you, honored by the choice you’ve made to protect us.

Also, just wanted to share a picture of my Mema and Papa…back when they were 20. He was stationed on the other side of the country for the Navy, and she always washed up, dressed up, and made up to welcome him home. Every day. (She told me so.)

I love this picture so much, I did a (somewhat) mirror image imitation of it for a gift for her when Tom and I were engaged.

It’s my Mema’s birthday today. =) She’s in her 80’s now, and I know she misses my papa every day.

I wish I had a picture of my other grandfather in uniform, too. He was in the Air Force when he met my Nana.

I’m so proud to be descended from people who served.

So proud of the people who are serving right now.


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