Gluten Free and Dairy Free

Tom and I have some friends coming over tonight, Austin and Courtney. We’re going to be grilling out, hanging out, and letting our dogs have a play date. Another thing- Austin is lactose intolerant, and Courtney is allergic to gluten.


Also, if you have one or both of those allergies or are married to/parent of someone who does, make sure you click the link above (Courtney’s name). Courtney has a website devoted to recipes for people who suffer from those allergies, and she has shown a lot of things that make my mouth water.


Tom and I are not allergic to any of those things, that we know of anyway. It’s not a big deal; I mean, we’re handling foods we can’t mess up (corn, chicken) and they are handling other sides that would normally make them sick if we made them.

But it got me thinking- I have been wanting to try some gluten-free and dairy-free recipes for a while. I have a killer cupcake recipe that is completely allergy-free, and I’ll share that with you all sometime. But one cannot live on cupcakes alone (or so I’ve been told).

Courtney has a lot of great recipes, like I said, but I also realized when reading some that for a non-allergy sufferer, I don’t have many of the ingredients that they call for. So I just haven’t tried any of her recipes yet!  Now that I’m meeting more people with those allergies, I want to be able to make them things they can eat.

So I’ve decided to ask all of you- what dairy free or gluten free (or both) recipes have you tried that were:

1. Easy to make.

2. Genuinely Yummy.

3. Require few ingredient substitutions/ will require me to buy as few things as necessary outside of what I would already own as a non-allergy sufferer.

Anyone up for that challenge?


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  1. I am lactose intolerant but I am able to substitute soy for most of my recipes. Tasty Kitchen, Pioneer Woman’s recipe site, has a special section full yummy looking recipes. Also has some recipes too. I have not tried anything gluten free but I have made some of her other healthy recipes and they are good.

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