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Recently, Tom and I purchased annual passes to Stone Mountain Park. Since there is a laser show we want to go to this summer, a Christmas village in December, plus it’s a place that more than one person has mentioned they’d like me to take some pictures, I thought it would be worth getting. I also just enjoy going there with Lisa and the kids (they go all the time) and with Tom.

Here’s the thing. Season tickets come with the opportunity to upgrade to the “plus pass.” If you upgrade them, you pay a little more upfront, but it includes things like a mug that gets you refills for 99 cents (big discount for the crazy prices at the park), 20% off food and merchandise (only see myself buying food), select dates I can bring a friend for free, and more.

But the biggest thing (to me) is that it includes admission to Snow Mountain. Snow Mountain is when, in the winter, Stone Mountain generates some fake snow (we don’t get a lot of real snow in GA, and when we do, we don’t go driving anywhere), and you can go tubing down the mountain, shoot snowballs at targets, do all the normal things you would do in the snow (forts, snowmen, angels, etc.), hang out at the bonfire, etc.

Normally, Snow Mountain costs an arm and a leg. For an adult to do all of that is $47. With the annual pass, you get $10 off. But with the Plus Pass, it’s free. Tom and I thought about going last winter, and we decided not to pay that crazy amount.

So I guess I’m wondering if anyone has ever been to Snow Mountain. If so, is it worth it? Is it really fun? Or is it a waste of time and money to upgrade my pass?


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  1. I don’t think Snow Mountain is worth it. Tyler and I went over Christmas Break and it wasn’t nearly as exciting as what we had hoped haha. I can see how it would be fun for little kids, but we got bored after tubing 3 times and decided to go to the top of Stone Mountain instead!

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