“This Is My Cutest Face.”

While we were in the pool at the beach house, my brother, Jordan, and our niece, Anna Kate, got into a conversation where she was showing him faces she would make to express different emotions.

Out of the blue, she said, “this is my cutest face.” And then she dropped her head to the side, somehow made her eyes twice as big, pulled her mouth into an almost sad little pout, and made everyone within 20 feet stop what they were doing to exclaim over this expression.

We couldn’t believe what we were seeing. Here was a four year old who had figured out her cutest look, and she really nailed it. It was adorable. Of course, she got really embarrassed afterwards and didn’t want to show us anymore.

A few days later, I did manage to coax her into trying to make that face for my camera one more time. How could I pass that up?

Her eyes aren’t quite as huge in this picture, but I still think it’s a pretty darn cute face. Want to see what her mama thinks was Anna Kate’s inspiration?


Yep. Bolt. Bolt learning how to beg with puppy dog eyes.

If you have that movie, and you have children, beware. They will learn the power of the puppy dog eyes.


6 thoughts on ““This Is My Cutest Face.””

  1. That’s the look that gets Daddy to melt every single time. Ally has her own look that wraps her daddy around her little finger. 😉 I just sit there and shake my head. He’s such a sucker. 🙂
    Anna Kate is adorable.

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