My Last Day With Will

Monday was my last day as Will’s nanny. I know I said that would happen in July, but things got moved up. Our last day together was pretty fun.

When I first got there, Will was still asleep. Elizabeth had set up a sweet goodbye present from her and Austin on the counter. Bath and Body Works for me, and a gift certificate to Babies R Us for Jellybean.

After Will woke up, we headed out for a full day. We started off by going to this little “beach” in a park at Lake Lanier. He loves the water, the ducks, and looking at the boats.

After playing there for a while, we went home, cleaned up, and headed to my place to pick up Tom. The three of us headed to my doctor’s appointment, since it was the only day they could fit me in this week.

It felt like everything had come full circle, knowing that I had kept Will since he was 5 months old, and on my last day as his nanny, he was coming with me to the first sonogram of my own baby.

After getting Jellybean’s first portraits, we grabbed some Zaxby’s (yes, I craved it), and ate it with Tom at our house. After eating, Will wanted to say hey to the dogs, then we headed back to his place for his naptime. Three and a half hours- that’s a pretty good nap!

When he woke up, we headed outside to play. And for me to snap some photos of him for his mama.

And, okay, one just for me. Silly Will would stare down the camera when the timer was going and then smile right after it took the picture.

Afterwards we headed back inside for Will to have dinner as we watched Flushed Away on dvd. Soon, Elizabeth was home, and Will and I hugged goodbye.

I’ve loved being his nanny, and the timing for it to end couldn’t have worked out any better. Now my own little one is on the way, and Will has gotten old enough to need to spend time with kids his own age at preschool. Perfect.


8 thoughts on “My Last Day With Will”

  1. Such a sweet post! It made me nostalgic thinking how quickly it all passes. Can’t wait for Jellybean and Charlotte to play together!!

  2. Meghan,
    You made me cry!!! So sweet… I’m so excited for you and Tom! I have no doubt you’ll both be amazing parents :). We have been so blessed, as I think back, that we had you all that time! We will miss you like crazy! We’ll be checking up on you and jellybean!!! Love you!

    1. =) Y’all were just THE BEST people to work for! Will is such a fun little friend. I can’t wait to introduce him to Jellybean! =) It keeps me from being sad to think that I can still see y’all sometimes! Love y’all too!

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