Thank you to everyone who commented, texted, called, direct messaged, tweeted, and left comments and messages on facebook yesterday.

You all had such kind thoughts and feelings towards what I shared, and that meant a lot. I am so grateful for such wonderful friends and family!

It always surprises me to find out who else has gone through a similar experience when one person opens up. For those of you who have also been where we were, I’m so sorry. And I am so grateful you felt you could share that with me.

It’s a weird thing, wishing what you’ve been through on no one, yet feeling so much less alone in that pain when you realize others you actually know have been there.

Thank you for the comments, for sharing, for understanding. Tom and I both appreciate it. And we sincerely hope it helps others that have gone or will go through this in their lifetime.


One thought on “Thanks”

  1. Doing some blog catching up tonight. So sorry my friend, this loss is something you hope and pray never happens, but sadly does. So glad you have a wonderful support system and a wonderful heavenly Father. Excited for your new life on the way =)

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