Saturday, Tom and I noticed some warped floorboards in our kitchen/living room area. We pulled our bar stools away from the breakfast bar on our kitchen island and saw multiple areas that were warped. And the most noticeable problem was that one piece of our engineered floors was peeled back.

When we felt under this piece, we could feel moisture. Not good.

The warping seemed to be circling our kitchen island, so we decided to open the cabinet under the sink and take everything out. We had a BUNCH of stuff in there.

Then we saw…this.

Standing water and mold under our sink. Oh HECK no.

First of all, that’s just gross and a health hazard to anybody. But when you tack on that I have allergies, asthma, and I’m pregnant? We had to get this fixed ASAP.

It’s also smelling funky, and I’ve got a sneaking suspicion that THIS is the reason I’ve been coughing up my lungs for the last several weeks when I haven’t been around anyone with a cold or know of any allergens where I live right now.

But I wasn’t about to pay for all the damage that would happen to our house while we got this fixed, so we called in a claim on our homeowner’s insurance.

Since then, we’ve had a plumber come and replace our NASTY old sink faucet that came with the house. It was always getting gross black buildup around all the joints, and I had to clean it constantly. It never looked right. Now I know why.

Turns out the faucet on the old sink had copper pipes that were leaking inside the faucet, which was causing that build up on the faucet itself as well as mold under the sink. And it led to all kinds of grossness being found under the faucet itself.

(Plumber’s hand.)

But our new sink is fab! It looks so much better, and it’s WAY cleaner. Obviously.

We also had to replace our garbage disposal because it apparently had holes in it that the previous owners had duct taped over with tape the same color as the disposal, so we didn’t know. Great.

Anyway, after that, mitigators for mold and moisture came out and put a massive dehumidifier in front of the cabinets to gather moisture from it and dump it into the sink via a hose. It’s been there over 24 hours, and it’s still dumping tons of water. Yikes.

Now our adjuster has called us, and, even though our insurance company said to call the plumber and save all receipts for reimbursement, he says that they aren’t paying for the plumber or new faucet/garbage disposal. I get it with the hardware. We’ll see about the service.

He did say that they are going to cover all damage caused by the leak, which means the cabinets and floors. Which is good he told me because I was ready and willing to become his worst nightmare until he agreed that our insurance would pay for the repairs.

Next step? He is having people come rip up the damaged flooring and drill holes into our cabinets to air it all out. Then he comes out Thursday to assess the damage.

Sounds like a fun adventure. Or, ya know, a not so fun, but necessary, adventure.


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