Tom At the OB’s Office…A New Experience.

Tom has been a splendiferous daddy; he’s been at every appointment with me from 8 weeks on. Here’s a run down of the best and the most awkward (which later became the funniest) moments of each appointment for one or both of us.

8 Week Ultrasound:

Best moment– We heard the heartbeat and saw Jellybean for the first time. We could even see the heartbeat. It was awesome. I cried. So did Tom, but that’s a secret. 😉

Funniest moment– Since we were only 8 weeks along, the ultrasound tech couldn’t just rub the wand over my belly. It had to be…internal. I had a paper sheet over myself, but Will was with us (it was my last day as his nanny and also the only day they could do the ultrasound that week), and he (Will, not Tom) kept trying to peek around the sheet to see what the heck the lady was doing under there.

Perinatal Appointment-

Best Moment– We got a chance to see Jellybean move around for the first time. Not just seeing and hearing the heartbeat, which never gets old, but seeing hands move, body dance, and all of that.

Funniest moment (s)– 1. The ultrasound tech put a sheet over me and told me to pull down my undies. I thought, “Darn it. Again. I was hoping for a belly one this time.” So I dropped them to my ankles and looked for the stirrups. Umm…then she told me, “Not that far. I just don’t want to get the jelly I squeeze on your belly onto your underwear.” ….Oops. I had to laugh, and thankfully, so did she. She’s seen stranger. (No, really, once someone took off all their clothes and was laying face down on the bed when she walked in. At least I didn’t do that. I feel bad for them that that is how they are used to ultrasounds.)

2. The OB for this place (not my usual doc) came in and talks with his hands. He kept raising his hand up and then dropping it back to the sheet on my leg. Only it wasn’t landing on my leg. It was landing on my crotch. That was just weirding me out. It took all my concentration to listen to what he was saying instead of making a face.

3. Same OB wiped the jelly off my stomach with the towel for me for about 10 seconds instead of letting me just do it myself. Maybe I’m being immature, but again, it kinda weirded me out. I couldn’t get off that bed and my dress back over my belly fast enough. Yikes.

12 Week Appointment

Best Moment– We got to hear the heartbeat again. I’m telling you, it’s our favorite sound, and we can’t get enough of it.

Funniest Moment– 1. The nurse was so sweet. I had to do a urine sample right before she took my weight measurement, so she went ahead and sent Tom to the room so he could get back to his laptop…and so I didn’t have to get weighed in front of him. Had I known she was that thoughtful, I wouldn’t have prefaced the visit with a warning of what my real weight is. Darn it.

Anyway, after that, she took me to the lab to get not one, not two, but SIX vials of blood drawn. Apparently they can’t take your word for it- they have to test you for every STD known to mankind. They also have to know your blood type (no, I don’t know this) and check all your blood levels. That’s okay because I don’t get squeamish from needles or blood. On the other hand, Tom had no idea I was doing all this and thought I was doing a number on the bathroom. Thanks, hun.

2. Tom had the chance to sit through his first pap smear. Oh, that’s right. A pap smear.

I had no idea that was coming at this appointment. Apparently the doctor decided to spare me the breast exam in front of him, and I can live with that. He happily typed away on his laptop and ignored me, the doctor, and nurse. This was not what he thought he had taken time out of his workday to witness, let me tell you.


I can only assume that by the time you get to birth, there’s a reason you don’t care about who sees what. Right now, I want Tom right up by my shoulder, the doctor and the nurses being the only other people in the room. But by the time I get to that, and the pain kicks in (before the epidural kicks in), I am guessing that any last shred of modesty/dignity will be gone. At least until the baby is out.

So, right now I’m guessing it will go something like this in a recap:

Best moment- Giving birth to our beautiful baby and holding/seeing him/her for the first time.

Most Awkward Moment- Giving birth to our baby in front of Tom and other people…whom I barely know. Except now they might know me better than anyone in the world besides my husband. Which is why most people don’t hang out with their OBs outside the office. The end. Goodbye forever.

Oh boy.


10 thoughts on “Tom At the OB’s Office…A New Experience.”

    1. I keep telling him horror stories of births of people I know or that I’ve seen on TV. I almost made him sick yesterday. I think I’ve scared him too much for him to risk leaving my side and heading south. But we shall see.

  1. Well you won’t have much choice when birth time comes. Poor Sylvia was lying there helpless and the nurse is calling me over, “Look Jay! Look at your son’s blonde hair!” So there’s me and two nurses staring at the top of my son’s head while Sylvia’s there just wanting the kid to get the heck out. 🙂

    Oh and once you see and hold your child for the first time, you won’t think or care about anything else. You’ll be too happy for anything else to matter.

    1. True. And honestly, I have been in the room before when a baby was being born and seen that, and it’s not gross at all to me. When you are an adult and the baby is someone who matters to you, it’s just the most amazing thing to witness.

      But still. It’s just different when it’s your own body. I don’t even want our moms in there. Just him, me, the doctor, and the nurses. And then, Jellybean, of course. =)

  2. hmm…i thought a pap smear had something to do with bagels. Sounds like I have a lot to learn about pregnancy. 🙂

    1. hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

      Oh, Brett. I do enjoy your comments.


      I can’t wait until you and Na are going through this. Y’all will make great parents, and it will be fun hearing all of Y’ALL’s stories. =)

  3. Birth? No big deal…just push 3-4 times for about 5 minutes, and you’ll be good…right? Isn’t that how it works for everyone? At least that’s how it works if you’ve got the Patton hips!!!

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