Mama’s Still Got It.

Yesterday, I had a Transit leader lunch, so I didn’t leave the church premises until after 2pm. Since Tom and I knew it would be a long day for him, a non-Transit leader, he stayed home and watched church online.

So I found myself driving home alone, dancing to the Glee cover of Empire State of Mind in my car. I got stuck behind a line of slow vehicles, and at the soonest opportunity, I passed them in a lane that was moving more quickly.

The car that was right in front of me was full of boys that I could only guess to be around 19, which I wouldn’t have noticed except that a kid with a weirdly strong resemblance to Michael Cera rolled down the window and started waving at me as I passed them. Well that caught me off guard, so I turned to look at him and burst out laughing.

I sometimes forget that to teenage boys…and some men…ANYTHING can be taken as encouragement.

Soon they swiveled their way around the slow cars and into the lane next to me. Now all the windows were down, and all the teenage boys were waving at me and saying something I can’t understand.

I smiled back and then held up my left hand, using my right hand to point to my wedding ring for a second before putting my hands back on the wheel. Suddenly the hands shot up into a, “whatcha gonna do?” shrug and they laughed.

I only wish I could have stood up and shown them my baby bump. That would’ve really freaked ’em out.


8 thoughts on “Mama’s Still Got It.”

    1. That’s okay. As long as Tom still thinks I’m hot, I don’t care what other guys think. =)

      And I got used to what you’re talking about when I was a nanny. Everyone thought Will was my son! 😉

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