Friday Favorite: Jellybean’s Heartbeat

My favorite sound right now is the sound of Jellybean’s heart pumping away. I wish I owned a stethoscope so I could listen to it whenever I wanted.

Today I had my 16 week appointment, although I’ll actually be 17 weeks tomorrow. It was the quickest, easiest appointment so far. I was weighed, gave a urine sample, had blood drawn, listened to Jellybean’s heart, talked to the doctor, and left. Easy peasy, lemon squeazy!

Not even a pelvic exam or anything. Just pressed on my tummy some, looked at my chart, and said everything “looks perfect.” Sweet!

Here is a video of Jellybean’s heartbeat from today. The quality of the machine was not as clear as normal, but you still get to hear it. =)

Love that sweet baby.

10 thoughts on “Friday Favorite: Jellybean’s Heartbeat”

  1. I love it–I just got to hear my little Jellybean grandchild for the first time! Dad and I loved hearing it and typical of Papa Doc he said “sounds like a normal heartbeat to me” with a big smile…I guess he can’t help also listening with a doctor’s ear as well as a granddaddy’s ear. Can’t wait to meet him/her!

  2. Sweetest sound ever. I can still remember hearing our son’s & daughter’s heartbeat as if it was yesterday. It was 14 & 13 yrs ago. Jay and I were in awe. So glad mom and baby are strong and healthy. 🙂

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