Bumped Out at the Wedding

I just saw a picture that Tom took on Saturday when I was getting some portraits of the groom’s family. Jellybean was very obviously a part of my day.

I also notice how badly I need to get that blonde streak in my hair touched up. Yikes. I look pretty ragged.

Toting Jellybean around all day when I pretty much was on my feet for 12 hours straight and didn’t eat a thing from 1pm until 8:45pm took it out of me.

It took me all of Sunday and Monday  to recover. I definitely don’t have the same level of energy I had before I was pregnant!


2 thoughts on “Bumped Out at the Wedding”

  1. I think it would be exhausting for anyone–even not pregnant– to handle that long day. I bet even the bride was tired. I was praying for you all day and I think it was amazing how well you handled being on your feet for that long…and I thought you looked very nice.

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