Place Your Predictions…Boy Or Girl?

First of all, thanks for all of the input on facebook and on the blog yesterday! Sounds like the Medela Pump In Style is the favorite by a mile. But it also sounds like getting a manual pump in addition to an electronic isn’t a bad idea. And I had no idea that insurance sometimes covers a big chunk of the payment, which I will look into with our own policy! I was not sure where to start, so I really appreciate all the input!

And now…back to the good part:

Well, the date is set. We will have our next sonogram at the 20 week appointment on September 12th. And that is the LONG awaited day that we will find out if we’re having a boy or a girl. Hopefully. If Jellybean cooperates.


So go ahead and start throwing out your guesses! It’s so fun for us to see who thinks we’re having a boy or a girl and the reasons why they think that.

Tom and I don’t care what gender the baby is. I have ideas for the nursery for each option, and I think both genders are so fun. Tom agrees.

Tom and I just pray for a healthy baby. Bill Cosby says (in Bill Cosby, Himself) that you should be more specific when praying about your unborn children because, left with that much open, God has a sense of humor. But I’m guessing God’s gonna get a chuckle out of any kid of mine anyway.

So, please weigh in! Are we having a boy? A girl? And why do you pick that gender? This will be fun for us to see, and for Jellybean to see someday, I suspect.

And this way, you have a few days to change your mind, just in case. 😉

**UPDATE** This is a (cellphone) photo of me the day before 19 weeks, per the request of those wondering how I am carrying the baby. =) I did have my hands resting on the back of my head, if that makes a difference.**


13 thoughts on “Place Your Predictions…Boy Or Girl?”

  1. BABY GIRL!!!!!!! I don’t really have a reason, just a feeling and I think/know she will be super cute!!! BUT… case I am wrong, I will be happy with a little nephew too!

    p.s.- I am kidding about the favorite aunt thing! (kinda) 🙂


  2. I guess little girl.
    Someone told me forever ago if you belly is “high” its probably a boy but if it’s low it’s probably a girl. Also, if you look like crap it’s a boy but if you’ve got a healthy glow and look alright it’s a girl.

    I have no idea if there’s any merit at all to these statements but you appear to be carrying low and certainly look just fine.

    Also, your cosby reference mostly made me think of this:


    1. There’s some truth to that. I carried very high with my son and I swear, my skin lost its glow and my hair was dull. With my daughter I carried lower and was more rounded and my face didn’t change much at all. I’m gonna say she’s having a girl.

  3. I’ve heard the same superstitions as Sunira. Would you be up for posting a side-view of your beautiful bump, so those of us who don’t get to actually see you can make an educated guess? 😉

    I’ve also heard that if you have heartburn during the last part of your pregnancy, then the baby will have a lot of hair. This has definitely been proven true by our friends having babies out here in WA.

  4. GIRL!!!! Mostly because it seems that baby girls tend to have higher heartbeats… and the instant I saw your post that had the heartbeat registering at 174… I thought GIRL! We will certainly give a big “Whoo hoo!” either way, but that’s my guess. 🙂

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