Friday Favorite: Copco Cups

WOW. I can’t even remember the last legit Friday Fave I did. You all must think I don’t like anything anymore! And the truth is that for the last few months, I haven’t been many places to blog about.

But I do have to talk about this one gift I’ve received that I LOVE. My Copco Sierra Tumblers have it goin’ on. They look like disposable cups, but they are hard plastic- even the straw- with lids that screw on and seal tight.


My friend Jenn gave me the pink one in June. She had been using these cups for a while and let me borrow one when I was at her place. And I loved them. She remembered that and gave me a new one of my own for my birthday.

Let me tell you something- I use that cup EVERY day. Unless it’s in the dishwasher. I fill it with ice and water, and it goes everywhere with me. All over the house, in the car, even to church. I love it.

And then I made a big mistake. I left it at my friends’ house when I was babysitting their girls. I realized it on my drive home and called them to ask them not to toss it away (it really does look disposable) and just to get it back to me when they could.

Since they were going out of town, they had a new one- the orange one- sent to me from Amazon. And two weeks later, they returned my pink one too. SCORE! Now I can rotate them, so I always have one to use, even if the other is being washed.

Having these cups while I’ve been pregnant has been a huge plus because when you are nauseated and lying on the couch, having a straw and a spill-proof cup is pretty much the best thing ever. And I am thirsty all the time.

But if you’re not a cold beverage person, like me, you can still get in on the awesomeness. Coffee drinkers? Meet this jewel:


It’s the Copco Acadia travel mug. I think I want to get one for fall and winter for hot chocolate, hot cider, and hot tea. Mmmmmm.

Anyway, I pretty much use these cups Every. Single. Day. So I thought it only right that I share. Have a wonderful weekend!


*I am trying something new- an affiliate link from Amazon. If you decide to swipe up one of these awesome cups, it sure wouldn’t hurt my feelings if you used the links I provided. =) And you can get them in other colors than the ones shown here.

5 thoughts on “Friday Favorite: Copco Cups”

  1. I have the walmart brand also- for both the water cup and the coffee cup. They are equally awesome and they travel with me everywhere I go. I love that they look like the disposable versions.

    1. You should see it under my name but above the little line telling you about the Amazon affiliation. It should be on the left side- two boxes with an image and “buy from Amazon” tab. I signed out and it still showed up for me, so it should show up for you.

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