This Baby Is Stubborn.

At our 12 week appointment, we were hoping against all odds that the perinatologist would be able to tell us if we were having a boy or a girl. But Jellybean was uncooperative, preferring to show off some wild dance moves and move to positions that were less than optimal for viewing anything related to gender.

Since then, we have had one thing after another making us more and more crazy to find out. First of all, Tom has been to EVERY doctor’s appointment. So we asked if he needed to be at the 16 week appointment.

“No,” they said, “there’s no point. No scan, nothing exciting. We just take some blood, weigh you, check the heartbeat. Make sure everything is progressing okay.”

So, when the appointment landed on a Friday, a day Tom meets with the other 8BIT team members, we didn’t see the point in his joining me.

Of course, at the end of the visit when I begged to have the next scan at 18 weeks instead of at 20 weeks, the doctor said, “You just want to know the gender, don’t you? We really need to wait until 20 weeks to see the heart and organs well, but why don’t I just take you into the ultrasound room really quick to see if we can find out the gender?”

I about fell off the table/bed/thing. WHAT???  The ONE TIME that Tom isn’t there with me??? So I called Tom to see if he could make it, and he was nowhere near me. We were both about to crack and just find out, but we both also really wanted Tom to be there when we did. In the end, I got off the phone and stepped out of the room to tell the doctor.

It went something like this, “I’m not…He isn’t…I can’t…ARGH!” And then I started sweating. A lot. The nurse, who didn’t know what was going on, looked a bit worried and asked if I was okay. Then the doctor saw me and said, “He wants you to wait, huh?” At that, a knowing look crossed the nurse’s face, and she started to smile. After I quit freaking out, I left the office.

As we recalled our story to family members, my brother, a cardiology fellow at Emory, said he would look into the safety of using the echo machine as an ultrasound. Turns out it was pretty much the same deal, so he took me and Tom over to Emory the other night to see if we could find out. Tom and I were excited; we even brought a video camera.

Darn it all. Jellybean spent the whole time crossing his/her legs, putting his/her head between his/her legs, moving to a position where we couldn’t see. And when we did get a position that was good, the umbilical cord was between his/her legs. This baby is so stubborn.

If Jellybean keeps this up, we won’t find out at our 20 week scan on Monday either. Feel free to cross your fingers that Jellybean will UNcross those legs for us. Maybe even send up a prayer? I think I will go nuts if we don’t find out.


8 thoughts on “This Baby Is Stubborn.”

  1. Same thing happened to us on our first try. Everyone told me to drink a coke and eat a candy bar before the next one. I did and she moved around just enough to get some clear pictures.

  2. That is awesome! What cute little crossed legs and toes! That is so funny that the cord was right in the way. Kristen – Your comment just made me bust out laughing. Haha! Very true! I had heard to drink 2 bottles of Gatorade before the appt. The end result was that my bladder was so full she could hardly see and Lia was bouncing off the walls wired! So, don’t try that trick. 🙂

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