Chili Cheese Dogs- AKA Obsession.

I have never had a problem with chili cheese dogs. Other than a two year span in high school where I didn’t eat hot dogs at all because I had gotten sick after having them for lunch at the beach.

Anyway. I’ve always liked them. The same way I like PB&J. It’s just something to eat.

I also did not understand in the first 3.5 months of pregnancy how women would say things like, “When I was pregnant with Johnny, I craved ice cream, but when I was pregnant with Suzy, I craved Arby’s roast beef sandwiches.” I mean, I was craving foods quite strongly, and yes, I had a few of those cravings again and again. But mostly, I craved a lot of different stuff.

And then it happened. Jellybean had taste-tested a smorgasbord of foods, and settled on the one food I had been denying myself despite my cravings- chili cheese dogs.


My doctor had said “no” to hot dogs. Apparently they are loaded with nitrates and nitrites as preservatives, so they were banned from my diet.

Ever since I woke up on vacation one morning, 6 weeks pregnant, and the first thing out of my mouth was, “I could really go for a chili cheese dog” (and Tom’s reply was, “No. It’s 9AM. That’s gross.”)- I had been craving them off and on.

And then, a few months into this pregnancy, I couldn’t stand it anymore. “What if I found hotdogs with no preservatives?” I wondered. I called, talked to my doctor’s nurse, and was given the go ahead…if I could find such a thing.

Tom officially became my hero the day he brought home all the ingredients for chili cheese dogs- including the nitrate/nitrite free dogs. Oh boy.

I have been eating them nonstop ever since. I wake up thinking about them. I eat them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The first day he brought them home, I ate three.


For ONE meal. And didn’t even feel sick. How was that possible?

And they aren’t these wimpy dogs like you see pictured above. There is cheese under, around, and sometimes on top of the hotdog. Then I smother it with chili that is piping hot, to ensure the cheese is all melted before I take a bite.

It’s perfection.

I just keep wondering why it’s not grossing me out. I mean, it’s kinda yuck to look at. But it’s so good to eat.

Speaking of which…we’re out.

Excuse me. I needed to make a grocery store run.



11 thoughts on “Chili Cheese Dogs- AKA Obsession.”

  1. They have preservative free hotdogs at Trader Joes — too late, I know, since you already found a source, but if there is anything else that you crave that is “bad” for you, check Trader Joes! In our effort to go more natural on foods (organic, preservative and additive free), we have fallen in love with TJs!!

  2. Oh wow! The father of my child had mentioned picking up a chili cheese dog at the local drive in about a month ago. As soon as he said it, I was like whoa, That sounds amazing. I was at work and thought of nothing but chili cheese dogs for hours…I got off work and made a trip to the store to get all the ingredients…and even picked up some French fries for chili cheese fries, yummm…its been a month ago and I still can’t get enough! My little bean loves it. (im blaming it all on her and her daddy for ever saying chili cheese dog lol) I could totally go for one now, but its 6am and I think that’s a bit extreme, ill wait til at least 10am. 😉

    1. It’s uncontrollable, isn’t it!? haha When I was pregnant, I had them for breakfast all the time! And once, I woke up at 4AM craving our leftover pizza from dinner. I waited until 6AM, then I snuck downstairs and got it. I didn’t want to wake up my husband while eating, so he found me the next morning, asleep with pizza boxes around me on the couch. haha Girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do!

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