Friday Favorite: Farm Burger

The other day, I met one of my best friends since childhood, Claire Park, in Decatur for lunch. Lunch being a relative term since I was running late and got there at 2pm.

Anyway, we met at a place she suggested, called Farm Burger.

Y’ALL. Oh my goodness. It was TO DIE FOR.

Really. I wish I had brought my camera. I also wish I had thought to pull out my phone to take pictures before we had devoured almost all of the food. But it was that good, and we were so hungry.

So Farm Burger makes all their food with all organic, grass fed meats and local, seasonal produce. And you can taste a difference. This food is melt in your mouth good, and the generous proportions definitely fill you up.

We each had the $8 lunch special- a $6 burger, fries, and a drink. I chose “The Farm Burger,” aka the No. 1. It is a burger with grafton smoked white cheddar, caramelized onions, and FB sauce. (FB sauce is Farm Burger sauce. I had it on the side because it wasn’t really my thing, and went sauceless. I still found the burger heavenly.) And I had regular fries and root beer.

Yeah. I told you I didn’t think to take pictures until most of it was gone. It was SO good.

Claire had the No. 2, which is “The Veggie Quinoa Burger.” Pay attention vegetarians! This burger has: a quinoa burger (instead of beef), arugula, feta, pickled vidalia onions, and dijon mayo. Claire is not a vegetarian, but she says that it’s her fave burger in the joint. I didn’t try it because my doc told me “no feta cheese,” but I wanted to. It looked tasty.

Ummm. Soo….yeah, there is no picture of that burger because she ate it all. But look! There are some crumbs!!

And it was worth showing anyway, because see those fries? They are the regular fries, and they rock. SO yummy. And that basket is overflowing with them when you order, but we maybe, kinda, sorta ate a few.

Claire had really ordered the sweet potato fries, and when the waitress realized the mistake, she brought us a big bunch of them.

If that doesn’t look like “a big bunch,” that’s because we had already eaten 2/3rds of them. They were the perfect combination of salty and sweet, crispy and delicious. YUM.

I’m telling you, I have NO complaints about this place. The food was so good, and the laid back atmosphere was great. Here’s a shot of the front. There’s an outdoor patio, if you would rather be outside than in.

And I love that it was supporting local famers and animal friendly farming. That is so nice to see; I don’t feel like a lot of restaurants do that. And while you might pay more for a burger here than say, McDonald’s (gross), you can taste the difference. And it’s fairly priced.

I’m a true fan. By the time we were leaving, I was plotting a double date so I could see both Claire AND Farm Burger again. It’s gonna happen.


ps. Farm Burger is located in two places, so far:


410B W. Ponce De Leon, Decatur, GA 3003o


3365 Piedmont Road, Atlanta, GA 30305

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  1. Farm Burger is by far my favorite burger joint in the world. Isn’t it incredible? If you go again sometime try the onion rings. I normally don’t like onion rings, but theirs were perfect.

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