Jellybean, Jellybean, Who Will You ‘Bee’?

Well, yesterday we found out who Jellybean is. FINALLY! So glad baby cooperated.

We wanted to have a little gathering to tell our family members who were within driving distance (and a couple of our close friends that live just a stones throw from the party location), and my sweet sister-in-law, Lisa, had offered to host the party at Party Central (aka their house). Seriously. They host more parties than anyone I know. She is a great hostess. =)

I couldn’t seem to get excited about a pink and blue party, so I decided at the last minute to change it. I looked online the night before we found out and saw a party theme I thought would be easy to do and super cute. It was a “Who Will You ‘Bee’?” themed gender reveal. I loved it.

Lisa set the table and made the cake, and I supplied the punch, other snacks, and the balloons.

Isn’t the cake amazing?? Lisa is so talented. The “boy bees” have blue stingers, and the “girl bees” have pink bows. So sweet!

And behind the cake were the goody bags, which were also how I planned to tell each family in attendance what we were expecting.

Instead of cutting into the cake and having blue or pink, which is the norm, I wanted to do something different.

So I made gift bags for them to open.Β They all opened them at the same time, and when they did, there was the answer! But before I show you that, I should show you a couple more things.

Everyone (besides me and Tom- we just wore whatever we wanted to wear) wore either pink or blue to indicate their guess at what we were having.

Here’s Team Pink:

And here’s Team Blue:

And there was also a cute little sheet where everyone could record their guess as to what they baby would be. I accidentally left it at home.

Have I mentioned that I turn into a MAJOR stressed out freak when I am setting up for a party? But nothing sets me off like being unprepared. And leaving that thing at home did not make me smile.

Fortunately, Lisa let me use her computer to make a new one, though I didn’t have time to make it as cute. Unfortunately, I have no picture of it. But it will be in the baby scrapbook someday for Jellybean to see.

And now…after all that anticipation, I am sure you’re ready to know…? Ya know. “Who will Jellybean ‘bee’?”

Turns out…we’re having a….


Jocelyn Selah McFarlin, aka Josey, aka JoJo. =)

I took that last photo at home before we left so I wouldn’t ruin the surprise for Lisa. Inside the little gift bags, I had a jar of honey (it was a bee themed party after all) with a pink ribbon tied around it holding a couple of shots from yesterday’s sonogram. The first one was a profile, and behind it was another shot with “the proof” that Jellybean is indeed Josey.

The other thing in the baggy was a cellophane bag with pearlescent white sixlets (pearls for my Southern girl) and pink gumballs. The tag on the ribbon said:

“J is for Jellybean….

And J is for Josey!”

It was going to be a bag of pink jellybeans, but I couldn’t find them anywhere. So I improvised. Oh well.

Everyone was very animated as each family present ripped into their own bags and saw the pink ribbons. It was so fun, and I got a video of it to remember that moment. I’ll have to share it later.

Tom and I are over the moon excited. Of course, we would have felt exactly the same way about having a boy. The best part for us, besides just finally knowing, was that everything looked good during the sonogram. The baby is right on track; everything looks pretty much perfect.

As you can see below, she was quite comfy. It might be harder to see in a still than in the live sonogram, but here her arms were up by her head, with her hands under her head, and her legs were bent with the knees up. She was chillaxin’ for a minute.

The only concern was very minor. There was a TINY bit of dialation in her kidneys, but they said it was most likely just that she needed to tinkle, and once she did it would look totally normal again. Since it was so small, they expect that in a couple of months, when they do another sonogram, that they won’t see an issue at all.

I didn’t know what issues it could cause, so I asked. The O.B. said that if it were a real problem, it would be the concern that urine was refluxing back up from the kidneys instead of just going out.

She assured me that she wasn’t concerned and that it would probably not even show up at the next sonogram. And she said that with most babies, if it is an issue, usually antibiotics are all that’s needed, and it usually resolves within the first year.

So no worries.

We’re just enjoying thinking and wondering about Josey and who she will be. We’re so in love with our sweet baby girl.

And, just because I’m her mom, and it’s my job to embarrass her sometimes (right?), here is the proof that we’re having a girl. And you can also see her knobby little knees. It looks like the end of her leg, but it’s not- just her knees. The rest of her legs and feet aren’t very visible in this picture.

And a face profile. She grew into her nose!

We sure do love our sweet girl. I can’t wait to meet her!!


41 thoughts on “Jellybean, Jellybean, Who Will You ‘Bee’?”

    1. Tom warned me everyone would think it was a GT party, but whatever. haha It was black and yellow honeybees, not blue and gold yellow jackets! πŸ˜‰ hehe Regardless, the theme was to cute and easy to pass up.

      1. We have a list of names and a top one but we are not going to make a decision until we meet her. For now she remains “baby girl”

  1. WOOOOOHHHOOOOOOOOO Congratulations. I am so excited for you to have a little girl. I LOVE LOVE LOVE her name. SOOOO Happy for you and I LOVE the Bee themed party!!!

    1. Thank you! I immediately thought of Ethan yesterday and how grateful I am for you and Jeremy and all the other parents that are raising little gentlemen in this world! I know there are parents of boys that are going to raise them into the kind of men that I want Josey to be friends with and eventually marry someday! =) Is it too early to think about that? lol

  2. Meghan and Tom,
    We are so happy and excited for you!!! You will experience such joy with your little princess and we know the two of you will be wonderful parents!!
    Stacy and David

  3. YAY!!!!!! We are soooo excited for yall!!!!! You are sooo cute and creative!! I love the party idea!! Josey is such a blessed little girl to have yall as parents πŸ™‚ I can’t wait to meet her and see yall again!!

  4. Congratulations! Little girls are so much fun. We have an ultrasound picture of Isabelle just like the one you have of Josey showing the sex. Such fun!

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