Here’s A Tip

When carrying things down the stairs, especially when pregnant, don’t carry so much stuff that you can’t see your next step.

Because you might miss the last step and fall. And sprain your ankle. And dump what you were carrying all over the floor.

You also might freak out your husband and have to call the OB on call to prove you don’t need to go get checked out at the hospital. Not that you’ll blame him, after all, if you are pregnant.

And you might even wake up the next morning, forgetting what happened and try to walk on your hurt ankle like normal. It might just hurt like the dickens.

Ask me how I know.


ps- Have I mentioned how accident prone I am before? I have? Okay. Good.


7 thoughts on “Here’s A Tip”

  1. Wow…

    My mum fell in the bathroom whilst pregs w/ me and went into labor… and had me a little early. It was not pleasant for her. At all.

    Make Tom carry all the big stuff or the “lots of” stuff. 🙂

    1. Tom had been telling me all day to not carry so much and to let him do it and to wait on him. I’m not the kind of girl who generally likes not just doing something for herself, and apparently I paid for my impatience. I usually can lift pretty heavy stuff too, but my doc said “no” …and that’s been an adjustment, but I haven’t yet gone against direct orders from my doctor! And now, I guess I won’t go against direct orders from Tom either…at least while preggo. Learned my lesson.

  2. I bet it was 100 lbs of stuff. I bet when you missed a step, your ankle bone shot out of your skin then shattered into a million pieces. Then you did 22 summersaults down the stairs tearing the banister down as you fell, which ended up on top of you, and you were left there for hours. I could go on and on 😉 . All kidding aside glad you and the baby are okay 🙂

  3. Hmm…I fell down the stairs at River Cove by missing the last step. Had to stay off it and keep it elevated and iced down for 2 weeks. Must be a mother-daughter thing. Hope we don’t pass it along to Josey.

    1. I remember when that happened- I was pretty little. Seeing you lying there with the tray and stuff on the floor around you was so scary. I thought you were dying. Four-year-olds perceive their moms falling down and hurting themselves quite differently than adults, I guess.

      Anyway. I think your sprain was worse than mine. My ankle is still sore and stiff, but I can walk on it. People probably don’t even know I hurt myself now. But I do! It still hurts. Sprains take so long to heal.

      Yes, hopefully Josey got Tom’s genes!

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