It Came From Within…The Sink.

Let’s see. It started with this:

Which we wouldn’t have known about if it weren’t for this:

And then pulling out all of this (and more), which was blocking the moldy puddle from view:

First we called the insurance company.

Who told us to call a plumber. So we did.

The plumber found leaks in the faucet and garage disposal. They took this nastiness off:

And we bought this for them to put in its place:

SO much better.

Then we called the insurance company. Again.

Who told us to call the mold mitigators.

Who came out and set up this very large, very noisy, but very helpful, dehumidifier:

Then the insurance adjuster came to our house, measured, took a disk of pictures and our old, nasty faucet and garbage disposal back as evidence, and got back to us later with an estimate.

Then he told us the check would be in the mail but to get the loose, possibly moldy floors around the cabinets up.

The mold mitigators came back out for their dehumidifier and left us with this:

For over a month, our kitchen looked like this. And we tripped on loose pieces of wood sticking out from the stove, yelled at flooring when we stubbed our toes, and glared at our cabinet with all it’s moldy grossness.

Why a month?

We waited on the estimate. Then we waited on the check.

Then we had to go to the bank with info about our mortgage and our insurance and ourselves to deposit the check.

Then we had someone come look at our kitchen and give us a quote on cabinets. Which took 3 weeks to come in.

Finally…they arrived. Unfortunately, they didn’t carry our model anymore, and we couldn’t just order a box. We had to order it with the doors and drawers and have them replace them with our old ones to match.

But first, the old stuff had to go.

First, Tom took all the drawers out.

Then Austin (Will’s dad and a great contractor) took off the cabinet doors. And took the cabinets apart.

But not before he took out our dishwasher and he and Tom moved the countertop out of the way (with the sink and faucet attached).

By the way- I hate that dishwasher. But it still beats having no dishwasher at all.

Everything got moved out of place, and our kitchen was in chaos.

And after the cabinets were moved out of the way…Austin found the mold. It was gross.

Also, apparently flies like getting under cabinets with mold. And dying. I about puked.

Yep. It was disgusting. Mold, sitting water, and gross floors. GAG.

So Austin cut the moldy drywall away.

And he took the cabinets and moldy drywall out. Then he tightened the pipe caps up and made sure they weren’t leaking anymore. And he sprayed bleach all over the floor.

Bleach all over the floor is strong, dude. He recommended the preggo chick take herself upstairs when the mold and chemicals made their debut, and after a few minutes, I had to agree. It was too much.

Austin cleaned the floors and took off.

Tom blocked off the bleached, icky area from the dogs. And this is what it looked like for a few days:

Uh-huh. Our house was so warm and inviting, let me tell ya.

The end.

Just kidding.

There is (obviously) more to the story than that. But it will have to wait for Friday because I’ve got approximately 20 pictures in this post, and I think that’s enough for one day.

Tomorrow…the turning point!


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