8BIT Surprise Baby Shower

Friday night, Tom and I had plans to join the 8BIT guys and their wives at the home of John and Sue for dinner. We decided to go to Atlanta early to get some things from IKEA for my side of the office (can’t wait to share that with y’all!!), then to head over.

On the way to IKEA, John told us to come a little later because their girls were napping. Then as we were leaving IKEA, he asked us to go get crackers for the party.

We ran by Target, and on the way out, Tom was starting to get antsy. All the other families were there, guys posting silly pictures on twitter, and we were now late. He wanted to be goofing off with the guys, not sitting in Atlanta traffic.

So you can imagine our surprise when we opened the door and everyone jumped out yelling “Surprise!”

My first thought was, “….is this a joke? We all knew we were having dinner together…” And then I looked around.

Everywhere were little signs about Josey…in a theme of FTW (“for the win” for those of you who don’t use internet short-speak). SO cute. And it clicked- they were throwing us a baby shower!

I was more than a little surprised! Neither of us suspected a thing when John kept delaying us!

Hugs all around…

We all were able to just spend time hanging out, snacking on appetizers, and then eating delish kabobs and mashed potatoes that Sue had prepared and Jared grilled.

It was so fun! After we ate, each family gave us gifts to open for Josey. They were so generous; we were overwhelmed! This baby girl is already so lucky just because she will have people like this in her life.

Then it was time for cake!!! I can’t explain how good this lemon cake was. You have to try it for yourself. We were all really excited to try out a cake from this bakery! It did not disappoint.

After we had all devoured a slice…or two…we stayed a little longer, just chatting. The sun set, and we told each other funny stories about our childhoods, plans for our current living spaces, anecdotes from the parents at the table about their kids, and more.

It was a perfect night- the kind that left me and Tom glowing because we felt so happy and loved by our friends. This is the kind of friendship we prayed for 8BIT to grow into, and it was like in that moment we were seeing that it had happened.

Thank you 8BIT and wives for throwing us such a sweet baby shower! We loved every minute of it, and we love y’all. =)

(All photos courtesy of John. Except the photo of John and Sue. No idea who took that one.)

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  1. Hey, Daisy Cakes is based in Spartanburg, where I live. The founder/owner, Kim Nelson, is a graduate of Wofford College, where I matriculated/worked and lives on the east end of town like me.

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