See Through Shirts Aren’t For Everyone.

One of my sister’s best friends growing up, Gracie, was the only daughter in her family. And when she and her family would be out, and her daddy would spot someone wearing, say, jeans that lace up on the side and show the world a sliver (or more) of your entire leg, well this would happen:

Her dad would wait until they were passing by the fashion offender, turn to his daughter and say, “Gracie, lace-up jeans aren’t for everyone.” Like he was trying to teach her a lesson, and not the person they were passing.

At least, that’s how Kristen told it to my family. It has always made me laugh, and so it’s stuck with me.

Fast forward to the other day, when our floors were being ripped up- there was dust EVERYWHERE. On EVERYTHING.

Our house was covered in it. We were scared to open the fridge and introduce it to all that dust, so I went to pick up something for me and Tom.

As I left the restaurant with a bag of food, my eye was drawn to a couple of women talking near my car.

One was dressed normally, and the other was…well, she was wearing a crochet sweater. With nothing but a black bra under it.

In case you are like my husband, who wouldn’t know what I’m talking about, here is a visual:

Now does it make sense? A sweater that is basically holes, with nothing but a black bra under it.

I felt a little flabbergasted. Not only do I hate the idea of women (or men) walking around with see-through shirts (I mean, how desperate for attention are you??), but this lady, while in great shape, looked to be about 60 years old.

I got in my car and just stared at her…behind my big dark sunglasses so she wouldn’t know. I couldn’t quite believe what I was seeing.

I mean, did she really think that was age-appropriate? Or even appropriate at any age? I don’t care how fit you are, I don’t need to know what color bra you have on or see through your holey shirt.

I contemplated taking a picture on my phone, but then I thought, “Why would I make other people look at that?”

So instead, I turned my car towards home, smirked, and thought to myself, “See-through shirts aren’t for everyone, Gracie.”


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