A Perfect Day, A Wicked Night

A few months ago, when I saw that Wicked would be coming to the Fox Theatre again this fall, I got really excited. “We should go!!” I said to Tom. But it wasn’t in the budget at the time, and I put it out of my mind…other than staring wistfully at the signs for it as I drove down 85.

Then, at the beginning of September, a message from Tom popped up on my phone with no words, just this picture:

YAY! I was so excited!

Tom didn’t just surprise me with tickets. He also had gotten tickets right on the aisle because I have to go to the restroom constantly now that Josey likes to rest on my bladder. And occasionally kickbox my bladder. Such a thoughtful hubby.

The Perfect Day:

Yesterday arrived before we knew it, and we were both excited. I don’t know how I got so lucky, but I actually married a man who ENJOYS shows. I would guess it’s because he loves music and has played guitar since he was 12, but he appreciates a good musical. It’s one of my favorite experiences to go see a show with Tom and discuss it the whole way home.

Anyway. Thursday was one of those rare, perfect days. The kind of day that you wish every day could be like.

We both got up and got to work that morning. Okay, he got up 2 hours before me.

But I was up by 8AM and at my desk working on editing photos, out the door to do a portrait session by 10:45, and back by noon. The baby at my session was in a good mood, and I got a ton of great shots. Meanwhile, Tom was busting it at home and making a lot of headway in his work.

After I got home, we ate lunch and took the dogs for a walk on the greenway. After 3.5 miles in great weather, we headed home. I laid down for a few minutes because I was tired, and Tom got more work done. Then I started getting ready.

We had agreed on a time to leave, and believe it or not (if you know me, you might not), we were both ready and out the door just when we agreed to leave. Yes, I left on time for something. Miracles can happen.

As we drove towards Atlanta, and we started hitting traffic, we both commented how it wasn’t stressing us out because we left ourselves so much time. We parked our car (Tom had already paid for parking online- perfect!), and we walked to a restaurant nearby to eat.

During dinner, we talked about shows we’ve seen before, hopes that this show would live up to the hype, and just stuff going on in life in general. We weren’t rushed at all, and when we were done, we paid and strolled over to the Fox, where a stranger was nice enough to take our picture (on my phone) before the show.

We found our seats, and then we were BLOWN AWAY. It was such a great show!!! And I even managed to hold it long enough to get to intermission. Yay for not missing a single song! All the performers were amazing, but the actress who played Elphaba- wow. She was incredible.

We were not disappointed, and the whole way home we talked about our favorite parts and other plays we would like to see. And I made one mistake.

I said, “This has been a perfect day.” Tom agreed.

The Wicked Night:

Somewhere between walking 3.5 miles after not having walked for exercise in a few weeks (thanks to spraining my ankle) and wearing heels for 5 hours in Atlanta, my calves decided to make me pay for the abuse.

For a few weeks, in the middle of the night, I will stretch my legs out and wake up with a little cramp in my calves. Then I roll my foot around, and it goes away.

Last night, it didn’t go away. My right calf seized up into a massive knot that had me reaching over, grabbing Tom and screaming for help. For probably 10 or 15 minutes, he rubbed down my leg while I literally writhed and screamed into my pillow and cried. A lot.

Our dogs were freaking out. I like to think of myself as tough, but that cramping was beyond gritting my teeth and baring it.

I haven’t screamed like that since I stabbed myself in the hand. And I kept thinking (in the intervals where it hurt less and I wasn’t screaming), “If this is what labor is like, but in your stomach, I am going to be such a wuss. And thank God for epidurals.” Tom said my calf felt like there was a brick in it where the knot was.

After he had magically rubbed the knot into submission, Tom helped me hobble to the bathroom. I don’t know what was going on, if it was the pain or what, but I was NOT feeling good.

After an hour of an encore performance of cramping, only this time in my stomach, I leaned over and threw up on the floor. Repeatedly.

Then I woke up Tom again. He had fallen asleep with the lamp on waiting for me to come out of the bathroom.

He cleaned up the floor for me while I limped to a different bathroom. After another 30 minutes or so, I came back to bed. He had been waiting on me to make sure I was okay, and finally he could get some sleep.

I kept apologizing, and he kept telling me, “I don’t want to hear the word ‘Sorry’ one more time tonight. You can’t help it.” and “It’s just practice for when Josey’s here, right?”

It was a rough night. This morning my throat is sore, and my leg feels like someone spent hours punching it. My stomach is still bothering me. But I get to work from home.

Tom went in to the 8BIT offices today- with no complaints. He was yawning and sleepy, and he was hoping coffee would be there when he arrived. But no complaints.

I sure do love my husband. He’s wonderful. A perfect day, and a “wicked” night- as long as he’s in it with me, I’m ready for either.


21 thoughts on “A Perfect Day, A Wicked Night”

  1. Next time you get a leg cramp, try to flex your foot. I have had to get Jason to push on my foot before but it is the only way I can get rid of my leg cramps. Sometimes I can feel one coming on and I alternate pointing and flexing and can usually minimize the cramp that way.

    1. Normally, that is what I do, but this was beyond anything like that. If I moved my foot AT ALL it got worse. I had to try to stay completely still while Tom worked on it. It was incredible how much it hurt.

  2. I got one of those while playing volleyball and I just crumpled into the sand.
    It sucked. A lot.
    Watch that calf for a couple days. It might cramp up again because it’s kinda messed up now. I rubbed some tiger balm on it and massaged it before I fell asleep to help it relax and that kept it from cramping repeatedly.

    1. I’ve never heard of Tiger Balm. Where do I get some?

      Tom grabbed some of my lotion and rubbed my leg with it for a few minutes last night after the worst had subsided. He told me the same thing- to be really careful on it. And not to go up stairs on my toes like I usually do.

      1. Its ingredients are pretty much camphor and menthol so any balm with those in it will work. I’ve seen tiger balm at most health stores and EVERY indian store. 🙂

  3. The leg cramping is all part of pregnancy. I had them when I was pregnant. No fun at all. And you’re suppose to ‘try’ and stand up and stretch. Easier said than done when you’re in pain. It’s actually better if you’re standing on a wood or tile floor. Something about the colder floor? Not sure. The nausea could be related to what you ate or just a reaction from being woken up with a horrible pain. We Northerners called that kind of leg cramping a ‘Charlie Horse’ :http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charley_horse

    1. People here call it a charlie horse too, but all I could say was, “My leg!” “Cramp!” “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!” and “PLEASE, GOD!”


      I have no idea how a person is supposed to stand up with that going on. Every time I moved, my leg would get worse. I am guessing you know exactly what I’m talking about based on your comment. Yikes, it was terrible.

    1. That’s why I will be following after you and getting an epidural. Anyone who can almost accidentally give birth in her sleep had the right cocktail in her veins. lol

  4. So glad I married a guy who likes shows too – granted it’s only musicals, but I take what I can get. Davey did sit through the “Barber of Seville” opera with me and said it wasn’t “too bad” 😉

    I can’t get enough of Wicked, it’s my 2nd favorite show (just behind Beauty and the Beast). I was real fortunate that my family had front row, season tickets to all the Broadway shows that came through town (that was our “family time” together after I left for college), so I got to see A LOT of shows – most were fantastic and a few were ‘meh’. Hope you get to see more shows in the coming years – be sure to share when you do! 🙂

    1. Not sure I’d be into operas myself, but I do like plays and musicals.

      I’ve never seen Beauty and the Beast or The Lion King, and I want to see both. I think Wicked might be my second favorite as well.

      My very fave is Les Mis. I can’t get enough. We are going to go this spring when it’s back in town, and Tom’s parents are going to join us to see it for their first time. I can’t wait!

      You are so lucky that your family had tickets like that! What a fun way to spend time together!

  5. I remember those leg cramps except my husband rolled over and went back to sleep lol. Up your water intake x 2. I know you are probably drinking a ton and so was I but guzzling more water helped. Also, up your calcuim intake. PS I think the baby you are referring to is mine and I’m so excited to see the pics! Her 6 month pics are precious!

    1. Thanks for the advice! And yes, that baby is yours… =) I came home and showed Tom some of my favorite ones right away. She was in a great mood, and it was so fun to photograph her smiling face! =)

  6. Bananas are supposed to help with those cramps! I got bad ones with r and mild ones with Arden. Btw, you look super cute in the photo! 🙂 (and Tom looks just alright) haha

    1. I thought about that, but all of the bananas I have are black and frozen for me to pull out and make banana bread later. Guess it’s time to hit up the grocery store! =)

      Also, thanks for saying that! I feel like that picture was not so great- my hair was doing something funky in the picture, and you couldn’t see my sparkly shoes. haha I love shoes. When I read your comment about Tom, I thought maybe John had signed in to comment under your name! lol 😉

    1. Thanks! Yeah, it was AMAZING. Tom and I think it’s better than the movie (which wasn’t a stretch for me because I’m not a big fan of the movie, but Tom is). And I’ve read the novel, and I have to say that the musical is a billion times better than that. The novel is so depressing and has some weird adult scenes in it. The play was a perfect balance of drama, comedy, and killer music. Loved it!

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