Gwinnett Church

Tom and I have been attending North Point Community Church since we got married, and we joined as members almost two years ago.

If you search “Transit” on my blog, you will find multiple references to the middle school girls’ small group I have co-led for the last year and a half. (Or if you search “Xtreme” from before they changed the name.)

All that to say, we LOVE our church. The one thing that was tough was living so far from it. It’s in Alpharetta on North Point Parkway; we’re in Suwanee, almost in Buford.

It’s a drive. Especially since I attend the 9AM Transit and the 11AM service, and sometimes have a Transit meeting after the 11AM ends.

It’s also difficult to invite anyone living near us to attend a service with us. That’s a lot of driving for them.

So Tom and I were extremely happy to hear them announce a while back that they were going to open a campus in Gwinnett County. It’s been a long time coming, and they are still working on raising funds for an actual building, but we open TONIGHT. I’m so excited!

Gwinnett Church is meeting at the Gwinnett Civic Center at 6pm tonight for the first time. We will continue meeting there until we have an actual building to meet in. They’re thinking about starting morning services in the new year. That would make it easier for even more families to attend.

The bittersweet part to me is that my group is splitting up. Some of my Transit girls are going to be leaving NPCC for Gwinnett Church, and so am I. I am going to miss my sweet co-leaders, Janet and Skylar, and of course all my Transit girls that aren’t transferring.

But next weekend is Frequency, our Transit retreat, and I will be with them all again for that at least.

So it’s a little sad, but mostly very exciting that we are having the first Gwinnett Church service tonight. If you are interested in coming, please do! Check it out! We would love to have you! =)


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