I’m Listed.

Yesterday, I looked around my home and thought, “Again?”

Keeping things neat and tidy is not a strength of mine. I tend to powerhouse through something after it has gotten so bad that I can’t stand it anymore.

Then I’m so proud of the work I’ve done that I admire it for a day or two. And then I forget about it, and it goes right back to cluttered chaos. My borderline- O.C.D. engineer of a husband loves this about me. (The sarcasm is oozing.)

To be fair, Tom is really good about not making a big thing of it when I let things get a bit….covered in fur, clothes, shoes, and tissues. (Gross.) But when I clean, he goes, “WOW! It looks SO good in here!” That’s my favorite part about cleaning- the happiness I hear in his voice. It makes the work worth it.

In fact, that’s probably the only thing I like about cleaning.

Anyway. I’ve decided it’s time to put on some big girl pants and keep my house clean. Consistently.

I needed accountability, so I pulled a Tom and made a list. Then I stuck it on my bathroom mirror so I can’t miss it. Then I told everyone on Facebook about it so I can’t just knock the list into the trash one day and no one be the wiser.

I was surprised how many other women said they do this as well, and some even asked what my list looks like, hence the post. Here’s a picture of it I snapped on my phone this morning:

This is a work in progress, because, well, I haven’t done it yet. So I might need to tweak it (add things, move things, etc.).

I also know that when Josey is here that might affect how I do the list. And as she ages, and as more kids are added to our family, the list will be affected. (As soon as JoJo is able, I’m gonna have her help me out by wiping down baseboards. I’m sure she will think I’m the best mom ever…)

So, for me, I started Monday with laundry and couponing because I can wash all the clothes from the week before, and I get my coupons in the Sunday paper. I’m bad about letting papers pile up and then having a HUGE amount to do with them.

I figure, this way, I can have laundry running while I clip and sort coupons.

As for the laundry, part of that chore will include putting it away, which I am really bad about.

Tuesday, I have both ironing and grocery shopping with *s beside them because I don’t necessarily need to go to the store every week or have clothes to iron every week. But when I do, that will be a lot to juggle with another chore, so I kept it simple- straighten the closet.

Tom was SO happy to see that on the list. My shoes are in a pile on the floor along with an old bridesmaid dress and other random clothes.

I told him last night that I plan to add “Straighten the car” to the list. My car is about as clean as my closet. Including a pair of heels on the floor. Not kidding. He looked at me like I had just offered him a million dollars and said, “AWESOME! What’s gotten into you??”

I pointed at my huge belly. It would be nice to have this under control before she arrives.

Wednesday, I left it at “clean bathrooms.” I hate this chore.

We have three full bathrooms in our house. Thankfully, it’s a bit easier because of my bathroom makeover a while ago, but cleaning tubs and showers is the worst part to me.

I also think bathrooms can make an entirely clean place look nasty if they’re dirty. So Wednesdays will keep them shiny.

Thursday, I will dust downstairs and sweep. We only have one rug down there, so vacuuming should be quick too. I think I might save mopping for every other week until Josey is here.

This job might need to be done twice a week. With two dogs that shed constantly, our blinds, furniture, and floors are always coated in fur. If left for too long, the fur rolls up like tumbleweeds. Seriously.

The dusting will include fans and furniture throughout the downstairs- not just the living room, where I am most likely to dust. That way, I will hopefully have a fighting chance against allergies, and when guests come, I’m not just then realizing we have cobwebs all over the dining room and foyer.

And since guests tend to visit on weekends, that chore will be done BEFORE Friday, when they would arrive.

Friday, I will do the same as Thursday, only upstairs. Our upstairs floor and the stairs themselves are completely carpeted, except for the bathrooms. Vacuuming shouldn’t take too long.

Dusting shouldn’t be too hard either. And again, I don’t need dust upstairs where I can breathe it in all night as I sleep. Nor does my family.

Sure, I could do it all in one day, but I’ll tell you what- I won’t. It will get put off. And I’ll get overwhelmed and put it off some more. This way, it’s just a little something to do each day.

Other chores need to be done as well, but they aren’t on the list.

-I figure that I can wipe down the kitchen really well each night after Tom does the dishes.

-I’m bad about making the bed, but I love how much better a space looks with it done. So I’m going to try to do that each day.

-Cleaning out the fridge is a tag-team chore. I get grossed out by old foods, so Tom does that. While he does it, I need to take advantage of the sparseness of the fridge and wipe it down. That happens every few weeks.

That’s all I can think of right now.

My plan is to do these things in the morning. I have blog posts and emails to write, photos to take and edit, crafts to create, and a life to live. All of those things are motivators for me to get up and get the chore out of the way. When Josey’s here, I will probably work on them during her morning nap.

And if I have a day where I can’t get it all done, I’ll just do it another day. And not beat myself up over it. (At least, that’s what I’ve decided to try to do.)

So that’s where I’m starting out! We’ll see how this goes.

And now, if you will excuse me, I have more coupons to clip.


11 thoughts on “I’m Listed.”

  1. You’re better than me. I am so wiped out after I get home from work or whatever, that I never do anything. Usually it becomes a cleaning frenzy for me when I’m fed up with myself.

    I tried the 20 minutes a day thing for a while. That doesn’t really work for a larger home. Especially if you like having people over. A lot. 🙂 And I do.

    Good luck! You’re so organized! 🙂

  2. Please unpost this before Davey has a chance to read it. 😉

    I’m the same as you, just letting things pile up until I can’t take it anymore, and Davey is just like Tom, liking things super clean all the time. Keep us posted on how your list idea goes, maybe I’ll give it a try.

    I also had to laugh at the tumbleweeds part because with a long-haired dog and a cat, we get the tumbleweeds real bad too. When they get so bad they start blowing across the floor I say “waaa waaa waaaaa” like in the old westerns. (Man that’s hard to relay over the internet, but trust me, its funny).

    1. Well, sometimes, I confess, I think “If you don’t like it, YOU do something about it.” But then I remember who pays the bills and think the least I can do is sweep away the tumbleweed fur. lol And Tom’s not a complainer. =)

  3. Good job!We have a weekly list like this too except Thursday is a wild and crazy day called “random chore.” This is where we hit the closets, microwave, car and fridge sometime during the month. It will get more hectic once Josey gets here though. When Raegan naps I race through my chore!

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