The Magical Floating Ball

The other day my amazing Transit girls threw me a surprise baby shower. I will be blogging about that soon!

But one of the things I brought home was a dozen pink balloons from the party. They were starting to deflate, so we decided it was time to say goodbye to them and throw them away.

Tom wanted to let them all float away, but I wouldn’t let him. I have issues with it because I know animals die from that kind of trash all the time.

I did give in though, and let him release two. It was going to be one, but Sam’s reaction was so funny to us, that I let him release one more so I could film it.

We always throw the ball for them in the backyard, and the dogs seemed to think Tom was making a ball just float off into the sky.

We also have a video of Tom confusing the dogs by talking to them after inhaling helium. But he won’t let me show it to you (yet- I’m working on him).

Confusing those whom we are entrusted to care for…for our own amusement. Aren’t you glad we’re bringing a child into the world?


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