Facebook Awkwardness

Have you ever had that worry that you were going to go up to a complete stranger and greet them by name before realizing you only know them from Facebook?

Or how about that you might take it a step further and say something where they KNOW you’ve been stalking them on Facebook and not just wondering if you’re someone they know and whose name they forgot?

Well, I took the awkwardness a step further.

I have some friends (a couple), Kristen and Davey, in Seattle, and I don’t know a single person who they are friends with out there.

But I do know their sister/sister-in-law. Her name is Laura, and we used to cheer together.Β And she is also pregnant with her first child, a little girl.

The other day, Kristen popped up on my homepage because Laura had tagged a gift from her in a nursery picture. In the picture, I noticed that there was a baby lying on a rug beside the crib.

An adorable baby that was a few months old. But I knew that Laura hadn’t had her baby yet, so it completely caught me off guard at first. Then, in teasing, I said, “Wow it comes with a baby? lol ;)”

And that was that. I moved on in my newsfeed, and I totally forgot about it. Until a day later.

I got an email on my phone telling me someone else had also commented on the photo. I didn’t know the commenter, which is no big surprise, but then I realized I didn’t know the person whose photo the comment was on either.


What the…???

Why would I have commented on a photo for a person I don’t know at all??

So I opened it back up.

Laurie. Not Laura.

Oh No. I hadn’t even looked at the last names. This was a friend of theirs in Seattle.

And as for the big “ANNIE” on the wall, as far as I knew, Laura and her husband had not picked out a name for their little girl yet, so when I saw “Annie” I just guessed that’s the name they’d gone with.

So here I was, some total stranger to this Laurie, friend of a friend, and I had commented on a photo of her nursery and her baby.

And what I’d said made absolutely no sense. I’m sure that is her precious baby or a baby of a friend or family member, and I’m just the freak stranger who made a joke at said baby’s expense.

Oh my gosh.

I jumped up from the couch with my phone and RAN to my computer to delete my comment. Tom asked what was going on, and I told him.

I was mortified, but at the same time, I was so shocked at what I had done that we started laughing. And we couldn’t stop. I laughed until I almost peed my pants and had to run for the bathroom.

This girl was probably trying to figure out who this random person was commenting on her baby, and I was in total oblivion thinking I had made a harmless joke to a friend.

I think I won the Facebook Faux Pas Award for the week.


8 thoughts on “Facebook Awkwardness”

  1. The real question is why is that baby playing possum on the floor after obviously climbing out of it’s crib and trying to sneak out the window on its clandestine date with the baby from down the street?

  2. Ha ha! I didn’t realize you posted thinking it was Laura’s photo. I just thought you were making a cute joke πŸ™‚

    Laurie’s a real sweetheart, so I’m sure she didn’t think you were crazy. Plus, your joke kind of makes sense, because I made the blanket that Annie is laying on – so it’s like I gave her a blanket, and it came with a baby πŸ™‚

    You’re too funny, Meghan.

  3. Meghan, I’m totally friending you on Facebook. πŸ™‚ I never say/post anything I wouldn’t broadcast to a crowded room of people. I love showing off my little baby Annie. And I concur w/ Kristen’s take: I tagged the blanket with a baby on it. Was it the blanket or the baby? Hard to say…. πŸ™‚

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