Yesterday, three of my nieces came over. We had lunch, painted pictures, watched Princess Diaries 2, and ate popcorn.

When Tom got home, they excitedly squealed, giggled, and jumped all over him for a turn to be spun around, tossed onto (soft) furniture, and tickled. They adore their Uncle Tom.

Then my sister-in-law arrived to pick up the girls with my nephew in tow. He and his sisters ran around in the backyard while Tom worked at his computer and Lisa and I caught up a little.

Then they came inside and ran around in the office while Tom’s eyes about popped out of his head while he tried to work, and Lisa and I didn’t notice the noise for a while.

When one of my nieces told us that her 8-year-old big brother had a needle and was going to poke her unless she told him a secret, we both realized that they should all clear out of the office. And I realized that I need to move my pincushion out of the reach of children.

Lisa told him to put the needle back, and that was all I thought of it.

A few hours later, I was sweeping the downstairs, and I turned a corner to find this sticking out of the wall. The wall where my nephew was standing when told to put up the needle.

I grabbed my phone and took a quick picture before returning these odd, new wall decorations to the office.

And as I took the picture, I just started to laugh.


For hours, I had 3 girls here, doing crafts and watching chick-flicks and giggling at Tom. Then for 20 minutes, I had one boy join them, and it was totally wild. And I had a needle sticking out of my wall with a random rubber band hanging from it.

I love it. It is so funny to me how different boys are from girls right from the start.


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