Decatur Baby Shower

Saturday, some of my wonderful friends (Jenn, Megan, Jessica, and Sophe) and awesome sister-in-law, Lisa, threw me a really fun baby shower.

We invited some Atlanta area girlfriends and my mom, sister, mom-in-law, and sisters-in-law (all my family but Lisa are out of town…some are out of state!) to this shower, and it was so fun!

The hostesses know me so well. They made an animal print banner for Josey, and they used accent colors that will be the same colors in fabrics for her nursery.

Jenn also made this Coco Chanel quote into framed art for me- I had wanted it for Josey’s room for a long time, and instead of charging me to make it, she and the hostesses went in together and gave it to me, along with all the clothes you see in the decor! =) So sweet and thoughtful.

I wish you could taste the food through your screen. YUM. It was so delicious. I definitely ate a lot.

One thing that I thought was so creative was this idea Megan had to create an ABC book for JoJo. She had printed the letters onto different colored paper, then we spread out at a table (or a bench, as seen below), and all decorated it with words, names, etc. that start with that letter as well as drawings.

She is going to laminate it and bind it for me.

I have had so much fun looking through it. It cracks me up to see what all made it into the book.

Someone put “Facebook” on the page for F, and “Bit” with a drawing of a computer on the page for B. Of course, chili cheese dogs were referenced on C and hot dog on H. hahaha!

The girls and moms just heaped me with wonderful gifts for Josey. I have bottles, things to clean the bottles, precious clothes, gift cards, a boppy, books, itty bitty monogrammed bracelets, thermometers, an adorable ornament, and more! Such sweet and giving friends and family. Josey will be well stocked!

I really loved getting to catch up with my girlfriends and celebrate this new girl joining our circles in a few months.

I’m so grateful to bring her into a world full of such amazing women. They each have a place in my heart, and I’m so grateful for each of them!

Thank you, hostesses for such a wonderful shower!



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