In a Few Months

In a few months, Josey will be here, in my arms instead of in my belly. Kind of hard to believe.

Outside of my wedding day, I don’t think I’ve ever looked forward to a date more.

Here are some of my top things I look forward to about not being pregnant anymore:

1. Josey will be here. I love her so much, and I can’t wait to know what she will look like or how she will act. I can’t wait to dress her up in all her cute clothes and shoes. I can’t wait to HOLD HER. I can’t wait to know her eye color.

She’s such a sweet little mystery right now.

2. I can sleep on my stomach again. And my back. I can’t tell you how much I miss being able to simply sleep however I want. I miss lying on my stomach so much.

3. I can take my Nexium again. I have never hated heartburn so much in my life.


I was already on prescription heartburn meds before getting pregnant. Imagine having to come off that and have pregnancy heartburn on top of the regular. OUCH.

I hate it. And I hate the taste of Tums. And I hate how they only work for so long before I need more.

4. I can put on shoes, boots (especially boots- especially, especially my cowboy boots), etc. without wasting 10 minutes and grunting like a pig the whole time. When I have to lean over to get anything, it’s harder than ever before.

But shoes? Fuhgettaboudit.

It’s getting colder outside, and I can’t just put on flip-flops anymore. I have all these cute boots, and it’s hard to get them on. I actually have to have Tom help stuff me into some of my boots. Like I’m two.


On the plus side, boots means less people can see my toenails- which are really hard to paint these days.

5. I will be able to see my feet again when standing up straight. My belly is huge. I’m not quite 5’3″, and it’s got nowhere to go in this short body but out. I know people further along who look tiny by comparison.

As for me, I’d just be happy to realize when I’ve dropped food in my lap or gotten something on my shoes without having to count on someone else to tell me. I don’t see it anymore.

6 & 7. These two shall go unlisted because neither makes a great blog topic. But trust me, they both deserve to be a part of the list.

8. I can have a glass of wine when I go out to a fancy dinner with my husband. It’s been a while.

Even though I’m not someone who has alcohol much or often, I think it’s more that I miss the option of eating/drinking whatever I want when I go out.


9. No one will kick me in the bladder.



10. I can stand on a step-ladder/bed/etc. in my own house without getting scolded. I’m short, people (see #5). I can’t reach things easily.

Being pregnant is wonderful and weird and lasts a long time. According to my book, I’ll hit the third trimester this Saturday. Bring it.



13 thoughts on “In a Few Months”

  1. I hear you! Besides the final result, I can’t remember anything I liked about being pregnant. But no doubt about I’d be pregnant for almost four years for that sweet precious final result…I guess that’s pretty obvious (: I’m just so super duper excited that you get to carry sweet Josey in your belly but I’ll still get to love her and hold her and I can’t wait for that either.

    1. Yeah, I remember you saying so many times over the years that you just don’t enjoy being pregnant. I couldn’t understand it because you always looked so great, but now I get it! And yes, you will get plenty of time to hold Josey, being the aunt that lives closest! =) You know I’m going to be hanging out all the time wanting to have the cousins play together anyway!

  2. Laughed out loud at this. I hated all of these things but I also can’t wait to be there again! I can’t wait to meet Josey. I could try to tell you about the overwhelming love and overflowing emotions (both real and hormonal) you feel but there are no words to explain how awesome it is!

    1. Yeah, it’s a weird thing- being so so so grateful for this pregnancy and sweet Josey but being SO ready for it to be done. I can’t wait to meet her either! haha And see her and Raegan be buds!

  3. Laughed out loud at #’s 6 & 7! I can imagine what they are, and I’m sure they deserve to be on the list whatever they are. 🙂 And I agree with Tara, there are no words to explain how awesome it all is! Are you able to take any of your allergy medications while pregnant? I couldn’t remember what they usually forbid. I’m sure those symptoms aren’t much fun, either! Hang in there!

    1. 😉 Some things are best left not blogged, but if I get a chance to talk to you about them, I bet you would agree! haha

      I can take Claritan and Benedryl. So far I’ve taken Claritan. The allergy issues have not been kind, especially with the pregnancy. And with the week drugs to help. haha

  4. YOU NEED TO POST 6 & 7…, bowel movements….lack of comfort for either or fun for both — you CANNOT TEASE for us who are not preggers and leave me panicking…..FACEBOOK ME if you won’t tell….oh my gahhhh

    You look AMAZING. My mom and mother in law are cute and petite like you and they said the same thing about going OUT — somehow my mom birthed a girl who is over 5’9″ and my mother in law said, “When the time comes you will look like you only swallowed an Easter Egg and you just have thin limbs because you are tall….tall people always look better preggers….” Whoah…never heard a compliment about being tall until about then…. 🙂

    1. Alright! You get a Facebook message! No blogging of those numbers. haha You are going to look amazing pregnant. I know so many women who are tall and fit like you and looked awesome pregnant. Just adorably pregnant and yet still slim somehow. I look like an elephant. I’ve always thought tall people had it much better for pregnancy, weight gain, etc! It can spread out! haha

  5. The thing I liked most about not being pregnant anymore was that I wasn’t vomiting all the time anymore. It was great!!

  6. I agree with Kristen…no nausea was the best part! But I wish I could have been pregnant during your generation rather than my own. Not that I’m a fashionista now by any means, but back in the early 90’s every maternity outfit came with a bow and a tag that read, “Made by Coleman Tents!” I would have enjoyed wearing the cute things they have today. Especially since many of them just look like regular clothes. Mine were hideous! Hopefully Josey will be a nice sized baby for her mommy and you won’t need to add too much to your numbered lists after she arrives. Delivery adds a whole “new dimension” (no pun intended) to your life. Love you Meghan. Can’t wait to meet your beautiful girl!

    1. Thankfully, that was only awful for me until week 14, and even then it was just nausea and not vomiting! I’m grateful for modernized maternity clothes as well! =) Love you too!

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