Poor Liam

We got our pups back from the trainer yesterday, and we are so glad to have them home!

Unfortunately, the night before they came home, something happened to Liam’s foot. No one knows what exactly- even the vet said that there was no puncture wound or reason they could find for it to be as swollen and painful as it was. So we’re wondering if something stung or bit him.

At the vet’s office they agreed it was too painful for him to go on walks for a few days. It’s so swollen and bothers him to the point he doesn’t want anyone to touch it and licks it constantly.

Since the licking could make it worse, they had to put a cone on his head.

He hates it.

Poor pup. He is so miserable.

Last night we got home and gave him his first dose of medication. He is on steroids and antibiotics to deal with the infection and pain. We were also told to call if anything changed, if we saw drainage, etc.

Around 9PM, we saw his paw looked moist. We managed to get his inside toe away from the rest of the paw enough to look, and there was clear, red-tinged liquid all in there. I tried to wipe it up with a tissue, but he wasn’t having it.

Around 4AM, we woke up to the sound of licking. Somehow he had knocked his cone down his neck far enough that he could reach the paw, and he was licking it.

We looked at it and saw that his nail bed was bleeding, and there was now pus instead of clear liquid between his inside toe and the rest of the paw. It was also crusty underneath.

Poor baby. He was hurting so much that that picture we took to send the vet was all he would let us do. We fixed his cone back into place and went back to sleep.

This morning, I guess he got his cone down again, because his toe looked cleaner than before from some licking, and still smelled awful.

I’m about to head to the vet’s office to get him a rinse for his paw and a bigger cone so he can’t keep licking. This cone already is awful with him walking into things on accident because it gets caught on everything, but it isn’t doing its job.

Glad to have my babies home, but it breaks my heart to have to take him to the vet and put a cone on him as soon as he gets back. And having to watch them constantly to make sure neither of them is licking it is no fun either.

Le sigh.


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