(Intentional) Awkward Family Photo

Yesterday, in between bouts of editing, I had a photoshoot with a family from our church. They wanted to get some family portraits, like they do every year or two, and I was so honored to have been asked.

But my favorite photo of the day is one I promised not to share online. I did not, however, promise not to tell anyone about it!

I should start by saying I love this family. They are so down to earth and fun. The mom’s sense of humor ALWAYS has me laughing.

Anyway, she wanted a picture in a certain room in her parents’ house, but it wasn’t very conducive to photography. We decided to turn a deep, squashy chair by the window around to get light on the face of whomever was in it.

But the seat was just too deep and narrow for a good shot of a family of four. I mentioned to the mom that we might end up with an “awkward family photo” if we ended up using it. To my surprise, she said, “I wanted to get you to take one of those of us- on purpose- for a friend of mine who loves that site!”

After the husband sat in the chair, this mom and I got the giggles. He’s a tall guy, and even he looked dwarfed in this chair. On top of that, he had crossed his legs, which gave me an idea.

I had the kids sit on either armrest and cross their legs. Then mom crawled onto the back of the chair and did the same…somewhat like a “mudflap” girl.


To make things even funnier, behind them in the photo are Civil War weapons hanging over the fireplace. The mom’s dad is a collector. I wish I could share this photo with you.

I took a few pictures, then we moved on to more normal portraits. But I will forever love this family for having enough of a sense of humor to want this kind of photo of them taken. Granted, the dad looked a little skeptical, but he kept his mouth shut and let me and the mom have our fun.

Her friend is going to love her Christmas present this year.


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